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Bringing Fun to Fashion: Studio Jux

By Eloisa Artuso

The fashion industry is a complex system with multiple interrelations: from farmers to consumers the whole process may raise a series of questions about the real social, economic and environmental costs incorporated into the making of a product. Despite the fact that we all wear clothes, it seems we rarely reflect on who makes them, where and under which conditions.

Aiming at shortening this path and connecting people who produce to people who consume, Jitske Lundgren and Carlien Helmink launched Studio Jux, a Dutch brand that combines fashion design with development work.


Jux is the German word for ‘fun’, and according to Studio Jux, fashion should be just that– not only for the consumer and the designer, but also for the tailors, as they highly value and strongly support good working conditions at all the factories they work with.

Jitske even moved to Nepal herself, where she manages their own factory together with a Nepalese woman to produce most part of clothing and to guarantee the eight labour standards of the Fair Wear Foundation.

“As Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world, imagine what a difference is made by bringing employment to its capital Kathmandu”, she explains.

studioJUX Marielle van Leewen_0886

One very interesting–and fun!–innovation the brand dreamed up was to set up a profile of each of the 14 tailors who work at the factory are available on their website. The idea is that we, customers, can find out the specific tailor who made our clothes by looking up a number in the garment.

For me, this is a great initiative that brings people together and humanises fashion. It shows that before materials and products, there are people involved in the process of clothing creation.

studioJUX Marielle van Leewen_0643

The minimal and comfortable European style proposed by Studio Jux suits both men and women. The brand’s craftsmanship is applied to high quality fabrics, which are further brought to life by touches of bright colours on the details.


Of course, Studio Jux is also devoted to only using sustainable materials and is proud to collaborate with other innovators in ethical fashion: “we love to cooperate with other sustainable brands: A Beautiful Story, WeWood, My Paper Bag and OAT shoes gave a finishing touch to the catwalk looks,” says Jitske.

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