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Redress Forum Fashion Shoot

By Chere Di Boscio

This gorgeous fashion shoot was the outcome of the Redress Forum: Designer Challenge with Miele. The 7 hour educational workshop and design challenge for fashion designers was collaboratively held by Redress, Miele and Textile Environmental Design (TED), with overarching support by Create Hong Kong. The workshop explored how fashion designers are able to influence a garments sustainability, usability and recyclability.

Eight EcoChic Design Award 2013 Finalists participated in this experience, which began in a secondhand clothing recycling warehouse. This was followed by a workshop session that challenged the designers to re-think fashion and to learn new design techniques that give discarded clothes a new life so as to keep them in the fashion loop.

The eight Finalists had to demonstrate their newly gained knowledge from earlier in the workshop to create one reconstructed dress each in two hours. This was set as a design challenge and competition. Racing against the clock, the finalists had to use garments sourced in the secondhand clothes recycling warehouse to design and mock-up a dress on mannequins.

The designs had a low consumer use impact and a longer life in the fashion loop based on the garment’s sustainability, usability and recyclability. Catherine Hudson was awarded the winner of the challenge and received an educational price from Miele to further enhance her career in sustainable fashion design.

The resulting designs were then used in a high-end fashion photo shoot with celebrity model Bonnie Chen to prove that secondhand garments have the potential for mainstream fashion appeal, which you can see in all its glory, below.

Up and coming designers who wish to enter the next cycle of the Ecochic awards can find details here.

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    Jun 1, 2014 at 7:26 pm

    I never saw this model before. She looks amazing!
    She represents exactly the Ecochic fashion

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