By Eluxe Staff

Artist and designer Anna Zaboeva knows that textiles take a lot of work. They may start as a plant or a cocoon, then are processed and spun into thread before being dyed and woven into printed cloth. For Zaboeva, wasting such time-consuming materials is the worst kind of fashion crime–so she’s come up with a solution.

Zaboeva has  created a footwear brand called PleaseMachine based on upcycled fabrics, including tapestries, silk scarves, old clothing, and used leather. After scouring everywhere from  charity shops  and vintage stores to rubbish heaps to her friend’s castaways, she finds inspiration in the actual material: “I take these garments as raw material for my shoes and highlight the beauty of the textiles themselves, thus preserving and honouring the work of many people such as textile designers, print and weave masters and manufacturers who put an effort before me,” she states. Although she does use recycled leather, she is also proud to day that “Some of my shoes are fully made of  recycled materials  and often carry vegan concept within.”

One thing she particularly likes to do is photograph the cloth before and after she transforms it into a pair of shoes, as a kind of testimony to the potential beauty in discarded objects. “I also sometimes frame up leftover materials and exhibit them along with the shoe in galleries and design festivals. Other times I make short films that are inspired by the design.”

Whether they’re being worn, displayed in galleries or placed in films, there’s no doubting Zaboeva has perfected the art of creating footwear.

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