How Nation LTD Is Making New Fashion Classics

We love NATION LTD for its ethics, sustainability, and the fact that they’re making classic fashion that’s fresh for decades

By Lora O’Brien

Sustainable fashion comes in many shades. Some brands solely create ‘slow fashion.’ In other words, the opposite of fast fashion: clothes that don’t follow trends, and are made to last. Others use organic, biodegradable or recycled materials. And then there are those brands that employ zero waste techniques, or circular methods of making fashion greener.

But many of those brands are pretty plain. Sure, there are some I like and do buy often, like Reformation, for example. But…that’s one of the few fashion labels that sells clothing that features my vibe.

So when I discovered NATION LTD, I felt like all my eco-fashion dreams had come true. For real! NATION LTD is not only making new fashion classics, but they’re doing so in a super sustainable way. Here’s how.  

All about the details

pima cotton tee

First up, NATION LTD is all about the slow fashion. Namely, they create a lot of classic fashion styles, like T-shirts. But theirs aren’t just your basic T-shaped tee. Oh, no! Their slim fitting shirts all come with edgy details. Think: pink tucks, frills, romantic puffed sleeves or asymmetric collars.

But since they come in an array of neutral hues, these tees are the perfect foundation for a capsule wardrobe. Style these with jeans and sneakers for a low-key look or dressed up with a skirt and some heels.

Of course, the brand makes more than shirts, though. You’ll also find dresses, cozy sweaters (often in the same designs as their tees), skirts and pants. In other words, NATION LTD is all about classic fashion styles, that will look cool for years to come.

Great news, right? But there’s more behind this brand. They’re green in other ways, too!

Ethics and sustainability

Nation LTD classic fashion

Mindfully designed in Los Angeles, the majority of NATION LTD‘s classic fashions are made in Peru. There, Pima cotton is native to the country, and is grown with fewer chemicals and less water. Growers are paid a fair wage for their work.

Adopting a “seed to garment” approach, Nation LTD embodies the traditions and culture seeped in this textile, which indigenous people have cultivated for thousands of years. All this cotton used is harvested by hand, spun into yarn and then knitted into fabric. It is then cut and sewn into garments locally, usually in the city of Lima. Not only is the cloth sustainable, but the brand’s ethical approach minimises transportation pollution, too.

Alongside Pima cotton, the brand uses various other sustainable materials, from TENCEL to baby alpaca.  Nation LTD even provides a chart on their website detailing how long each textile would take to break down in a landfill, alongside its sustainability grading system. You can really shop with the confidence that you’re spending your money wisely and ethically.

Circular fashion, too!

Nation LTD classic fashion

But wait! There’s even more!

Another way NATION LTD is sustainable is through their partnership with thredUP. This joint venture encourages consumers to prevent waste from hitting landfill sites.

For example? NATION LTD X thredUP works by offering The Closet Clean Out Kit. This helps to give clothing you no longer wear a second lease of life. What. you do is send clothes back to one of the brands so it can be used by someone else, or upcycled.

For some  items, you’ll also get NATION LTD shopping credit so you can literally swap your old clothes for new wardrobe items. You can recycle gently used women’s and kids’ clothing, alongside handbags, shoes and accessories from any brand. Cool, huh?

Alongside this, Nation LTD also makes it super easy to shop second hand via their reNation platform. There are lots of secondhand garments ready to be given a new home, with information on how worn the items are. Most are in pretty good condition with minor wear, making it even easier to keep fashion out of landfill.

Why not try to snag a circular fashion bargain? 

Our picks of NATION LTD’s fashion classics

Nation LTD classic fashion

Nation LTD makes it easy to shop their everyday essentials in one place. With garments such as shirts, blouses and dresses on offer, what are our favourites, you might be asking?

It wasn’t easy to choose, but these are our top picks from Nation LTD’s classic fashion pieces:

We’re so glad we discovered NATION LTD! After all, it’s about time ‘cool girl’ brands like Reformation had a bit of competition, don’t you think?

Lora O'Brien

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