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Myrrhia Fine Knitwear Photo Shoot Winter 2014

By Diane Small

We here at Eluxe love natural fibres, so of course we love knitwear designer Myrrhia, who creates modern knitwear for men and women from organic and sustainable yarns (some of which are sourced from farms local to the designer herself). She creates these pieces using zero-waste knitting techology and manufactures everything in Oakland, California.

“I see so much untapped potential in humanity– potential for joy and connection, for scientific exploration, for  spiritual exploration” says founder Myrrhia Resneck. “My company isn’t just about pretty clothes, or just about me and my point of view stylistically, it’s about self-actualization for all of us. I hope to be part of the antidote to  a culture who treats its’ people–and the environment that sustains them–as disposable.” Myrrhia AW2014 Campaign 1Myrrhia AW2014 Campaign 2knitdress blue 6 man  See the making of the photo shoot here:

Images: Sandifer Photography

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