Our Staff Model MATTER Prints – These Are The Results!

By Arwa Lodhi

You know how when you look at models in fashion magazines, literally everything they’re wearing looks beyond fabulous? It could be a red baseball glove paired with a gold foil evening gown and a cowboy hat, but somehow it looks so chic…so avant garde. And no wonder! Each look in a fashion magazine has a whole army of people behind it: a stylist, makeup artist, photographer, and of course, a beautiful, professional model. But how would those outfits look on normal girls?

We put this to the test with some pants from  MATTER Prints. In case you’re not familiar with this ethical fashion brand, MATTER is sustainable luxury fashion company with affordable prices. Their focus is on socially motivated business practices and thoughtful design resulting from collaborations between international artisans and designers. Their main area of expertise is working with rural textile communities around the globe to create printed trousers from eco-friendly materials.

MATTER’s philosophy is that all of their products should be trans-seasonal; that is to say, trend-defying and perfect for wearing throughout the year, but to be honest, when I first saw these, I thought of one thing: summer. I could imagine pairing a pair of these pants with a bikini or cropped top, and that was about it.

To expand on the possibilities of what we could do with these eco-pants, we asked our very favourite vegan vlogger (and Eluxe partner), Kristen Leo, to come up with a bunch of different looks based on just one pair of MATTER pants, and she came up with this awesome video, below. I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that each look is pretty Vogue worthy.

But to ensure it wasn’t only Kristen’s fashion flare that could work its magic with these trousers, we asked our fashion writer, Chantal, to take some pics of herself in the pants for Instagram, and…well, you can see the results for yourself! She had two pairs of trousers and styled them with different pieces to make them wearable throughout the year.

Given the fact that Kristen and Chantal aren’t models and had no help from a styling team but still made these pants look like they just stepped out of a glossy, it seems MATTER pants are made to look beautiful on anyone, wearing anything.

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