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Label Love: JW PEI Vegan Bags

By Lora O’Brien

Once something you had to actively search for, vegan fashion is becoming more mainstream. And with a higher than ever before demand for products that are in no way derived from animals, we’re always aware of new vegan fashionistas that are arising, and so we’re officially in love with new kid on the block,  JW PEI.

Founded by a rebellious spirit, the idea behind the brand had one very specific objective: to offer designer handbags using only the finest vegan materials, but upholding the same luxurious leather look and feel so many love.

After a visit to China back in 2009, Aaron Pei discovered an innovative new material called ultra-microfiber and he left with an overwhelming disbelief that people were still continuing to slaughter innocent animals when the perfect alternative already existed. Forget the cheap, toxic smelling material that many vegan bags used in the early days in a bid to venture away from animal materials; this material was the  piece de resistance of luxury vegan style.

Ultra-microfiber is a game changer when it comes to the vegan fashion world; it’s about 30-50% lighter than leather, but what it lacks in weight it makes up for in strength as it’s around 5-20 times stronger than other synthetic leather materials on the market. In fact, the eco-friendly material looks like leather, it has that luxurious, buttery soft leather feeling, and yet not a damn animal was harmed in the making of it. So why was there a void in the fashion market where this revolutionary material could be used?

JW PEI was born with the philosophy of creating ethical bags in a super luxurious fashion that, compared to other vegan brands on the market, remain affordable without compromising on quality. With their bags ranging from $30-$150 with the majority of designs falling just under the $100 price bracket, these bags have that premium appearance whilst remaining affordable for all those who seek a luxurious vegan leather bag.

With backpacks still being a popular trend when it comes to fashionable bags, JW PEI have catered to the demand with their best-selling backpack, available in two shades; black and vibrant red. The gorgeous pack screams both sophistication and effortless style, and is super lightweight, being 40% lighter than other similar styles made from leather. The durable bag can hold a 13″ laptop, so it’s perfect for jet setting about the place.

The Metro Tote is a shining example of how sleek and stylish vegan fashion has become. And whilst it’s super lightweight, the 100% cruelty-free tote  carries with it a heavier message: with every two purchases of this bag, we together save the lives of one small calf, which is a mighty victory in getting people to stop turning animals into handbags.

Alongside their blossoming range of vegan goods, JW PEI are adding a few smaller items to their ever-expanding brand. Soon you’ll be able to purchase wallets, cardholders and even smaller cross-body bags.


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    May 1, 2018 at 10:29 am

    The bags look absolutely beautiful! As a vegan its so important for my bags to be cruelty-free!

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