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Khogy: The Story of an Ocean

Fashion label Khogy’s concern for the oceans runs deep, and wishing to do more than just stop the waste of fishing industry by-products, they also aimed to educate people about the ocean’s destruction. One project they embarked on was  ‘The Story of An Ocean’ , a collaboration with artist  Rah Akaishi  that  depicts the ‘Six Deadly Sins’ of the seas. A series of Victorian style drawings, seen below, implores us to consider the ramifications of our mindless exploitation of the oceans and urges us to re-evaluate our relationship before it is too late.  

Not wasting the ocean’s resources is of prime importance to Khogy, and so they save the skins of fish filleted for the food industry and create beautiful bags and iPad holders from them, such as those below.

To remind people of the Story of the Ocean, cloth printed with Akaishi’s designs, above, line the bags. For more information about Khogy or to see more of Rah Akaishi’s work, please click here.

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