Junky Styling: Sartorial Surgery

By Chere Di Boscio

Ok, admit it–you have a wardrobe full of stuff you never wear, but don’t want to throw out. Everyone does. Junky Styling, the hip London-based brand, had a genius idea for solving this problem: they invite clients to take old clothes into Junky for ‘fashion surgery’.


The consultation with a Junky designer involves describing exactly the desired outcome. The results are diverse and spectacular. Some people request their unused garments be transformed into current designs in the Junky Styling shop, while others request specific adjustments and tailoring, and even others order wedding gowns made from items in their current wardrobe. ‘Most things are achievable,’ the company claims, ‘so the next step is to work out how much they want to spend and when the deadline is’.


Junky began offering this service to underscore their dedication to recycling/upcycling and sustainability. Regular participants in London Fashion Week’s Estethica showcase, Junky Styling recently participated for the first time in Milan’s Pitti Imagine ‘SUPER’ show, taking part in the Green Closet section.


If all of your clothes are perfectly ‘healthy’, well, you can always add to your closet by checking out Junky Styling’s designs in their shop in Hackney, London, or on line at

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