Clash Mode: Glamour in Waste

Upon finding old stock and rejected lenses from optical and sunglass factories, Mehdi Kasraoui saw something important: the potential to craft this ‘trash’ into high-end accessories.


The first piece he ever made was a necklace, which he initially created just for himself, but after several people literally stopped him in the street to ask how they could get one, he began producing them commercially, and in 2001, Clash Mode was born.

Since then, he moved back home to his native Paris from New York, where he was studying business management, and started producing a fresh, design-led accessory range that features lenses of various sizes and colours used to form bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and even an entire dress.

Top sellers in Dubai, Medhi blinged out his designs there with added gold and silver chains as well as specially selected, semi-precious stones.

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In fact, there seems to be no end to his creativity: Medhi has made butterflies out of the lenses, as well as hidden-storage space bracelets, and earrings that appear to be made of large stones, all from this optical industry waste.

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Given the creativity in his designs, it’s probably not surprising to learn that Kasraoui cites Dadaism and Surrealism as two of his main influences, but the French designer also adores American Pop Art, which he thoroughly enjoyed absorbing during his stint in New York City.


Now the brand has gone completely international and is available at concept stores, boutiques and department stores worldwide, including the trendy USHUAàA IBIZA hotel shop in Ibiza, the Conran Shop in Japan, Bloomingdale’s in Dubai, Nikki d’Oggy in St Tropez, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago , Flashfare Sadou Arabia, and Bond 007 in New York, to name a few.


Love Mehdi’s designs? They’ll be on display at Who’s Next in Paris this July. See you there!


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