Brand New Recycled Jewelry Brands You’ll Love

Love to treat yourself to ethical jewelry? You’ll adore these recycled jewelry brands!

By Marianna Tugareva

Here’s a fact that’s not so brilliant: one tiny gold ring is responsible for some 20-60 tonnes of toxic waste, contaminating water resources and threatening the lives of the people involved.

But fear not, lovers of fine jewelry! Our body adornments don’t have to be that dirty. After all, precious metals, gems and other rare materials can be recycled over and over again.

In fact, a growing number of eco-conscious jewelry designers are gradually making the turn towards endless possibilities of using existing  materials. And they’re bewitching us with their creative visions!

These recycled jewelry brands offer brand new items from recycled gemstones and metals. Their ecological footprint is minimal, but their style is the max! 

Here are some of our favourites, below.

Recycled Jewelry Brands To Check Out

1. Enibas

If you’re looking for designer Irish jewellery with a conscience, look no further! This brand grasps inspiration from the wild natural beauty of West Cork. Jewelry becomes the testament of the connection between man and nature,  through the creativity of Enibas’ founder Sabine Lenz and her daughter Anna-Leah.

True sustainability means owning something that can last through time and this is what this jewelry company is all about. Not to forget they use ethically sourced diamonds, and recycled and reclaimed precious metals from sustainable sources. Even the packaging is green, with recycled pouches and minimal packaging options.

But what we love most is how some of the jewelry is inscribed with Gaeilge phrases. For example, there’s a “Lean do bhrionglóid” necklace, which signifies ‘Follow your dreams.” There’s also a pendant etched with “Croí álainn,” or, “Beautiful heart,” which we love, below. Can you think of a better gift for the big-hearted person in your life?

Price range: $200 – $1000

One of the best recycled jewelry brands for: Celtic jewelry with a spiritual, personal, even mystical touch. Gifting.


2. KBH Jewelry

This brand is NYC-based and brings to life sustainable fine jewellery made from 100% reclaimed and recycled solid precious materials. It serves as an elegant and contemporary heirloom, that can be passed down to future generations. 

KBH has earned the praise of the most prestigious media outlets, and of course that includes Eluxe! It is also a favourite amongst a variety of celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Elizabeth Banks, Rosario Dawson and Katie Couric, to name a few.

The ethics of this company cannot but conquer hearts, since KBH Jewels helps to eliminate the need to mine for natural resources. Their diamonds and gold are 100% conflict-free and sustainable. You’ll truly shine like a natural diamond while wearing their pieces!

Price range: $300 – $1300

One of the best recycled jewelry brands for: A celebrity look with sustainability at heart.

3. Mejuri

This brand uses responsible, newly-mined materials that support and empower communities dependent on the jewelry industry. Did you know that recycled gold represents the largest area for change across the supply chain? And that is exactly what Mejuri uses!

Since being founded in 2015, Mejuri has turned fine jewellery into a tool for positive impact in our communities, the industry, and the world. Bringing returned or defective products to large-scale recyclers to minimise waste in their operations is key. The company works with trusted suppliers across the globe, and every new product that is released makes a beneficial difference on people and the planet.

Price range: $100-$500

One of the best recycled jewelry brands for: Affordable, but chic, jewelry.

mejuri jewelry

4. Melissa Joy Manning

Of all the recycled jewelry brands here, this may be our favourite! Melissa Joy Manning recognises that  most of the world’s gold and platinum comes with a terrible social and environmental cost. In fact, globally, small scale, so-called ‘artisanal ‘gold mining can be the ‘dirtiest’ form of finding gold, as these miners struggle to get a fair price for the metals  they produce. As a result, most artisanal miners use cheap mercury, which can be highly hazardous to not only their health and that of their families and local communities.

To be safe, this well-loved jewelry designer uses only 100% recycled metals in her work. She melts down each metal to create stunning everyday accessories for the stylish woman. She also incorporates fossils and stones into her creations. And of course, some of the gemstones she sources are ethical/recycled, too.

Price range: $200-$600

One of the best recycled jewelry brands for: Reducing waste through bijoux-shopping

Recycled Jewelry Brands You'll Love

5. Zefyr Jewels

Gentle winds of change in the jewellery world are blowing playfully from Australia. It’s there where adventurous designer Tanya Coelho found her passion for using recycled materials to create the eco-jewelry of her dreams.

Today, her company, Zefyr Jewels, upcycles brass and sterling silver to produce exquisite pieces. She was particularly inspired by the intricately embroidered textiles of Laos’ tribal peoples, whose stories are full of enchanting spiritual symbols.

Price range: Around $100

One of the best recycled jewelry brands for: Upcycled silver and brass with serious style.

Recycled Jewelry Brands You'll Love

6. AILI Jewellery

The brand’s designer Monica Ruzansky explores light in all its forms, in both  photography and jewelry. She studied metal smithing in her home-country of Mexico and later in the USA, where she currently crafts her collection with recycled metals and gemstones.

Her classical pieces with a subtle touch of ethereal sensibility emanate timeless simplicity, which works wonderfully at every occasion of everyday life and under any lighting.

Price range: $300-$2000

One of the best recycled jewelry brands for: Classic, elegant pieces. Fine jewelry.

Recycled Jewelry Brands You'll Love

7. Odette New York

Brooklyn-based sustainable jewelry designer and fine artist Jennifer Sarkilahti works in old technique of the ‘lost wax.’ This is cast into metal exactly as it is carved, so that every mark made by the hand is seen in the final piece.

Made with recycled sterling silver, gold, brass and bronze, her opulent creations feature rough textures. Sarkilahti finds her inspiration in ancient architecture, traditional textiles, and full pantheon of planet-loving goddesses.

Price range: Around $100

One of the best recycled jewelry brands for: Minimalistic vibes.

8. Laura Preshong

This designer loves working with recycled metals! Preshong knows that non-ferrous metals like gold, platinum, silver, copper and nickel are easily recycled without changing the structural integrity or quality of the metal. Additionally, she can can alter existing metals with alloys to create the perfect texture, shine and hue.

Many of Preshong’s clients also bring in gemstones they have inherited from loved ones and ask her to reset them into new rings, necklaces and bracelets. The result is highly personal accessories that customers cherish for generations.

Price range: $250-$2900

One of the best recycled jewelry brands for: Beautiful, bespoke pieces.

9. Stockholm Rose Designs

Inspired by Nordic nature, designer Sophie Butler has created a brand that transforms the stunning setting of Stockholm into timeless and elegant jewelry.

She hand-makes her chic, minimalist designs in a sustainable and eco-friendly way using ethically sourced recycled metals. For her, the environment is always at the forefront of her mind. That’s why with each purchase (or even a newsletter signup!) a tree is planted with the Borneo Nature Foundation.

Price range: Around $200

One of the best recycled jewelry brands for: Helping to save wildlife.

Recycled Jewelry Brands You'll Love

10. SOKO

This brand is a celebration of empowerment and resilience. Black, female owners are behind SOKO. Their intent? To connect artisans in Kenya with the global marketplace. SOKO is a certified B-Corp that has the aim of reducing inequality and poverty through jobs that provide dignity and purpose. They make their jewels out of gold-plated recycled brass, and locally sourced recycled glass. 

In addition, SOKO is all about economic inclusion. A percentage of each sale goes to the female artisans who made the jewelry. We also love their minimalist, yet bold, aesthetic.

Price range: $100-$200

One of the best recycled jewelry brands for: Supporting female empowerment

Recycled Jewelry Brands You'll Love


Understanding that to pave the way to a more meaningful tomorrow we have to make changes today, OUSHABA elevates recycled materials while simultaneously celebrating artisanal crafts. Each collection is designed to do good and is beautifully crafted, ethically sourced and socially valuable.

With circularity at the heart of the brand, OUSHABA takes what already exists, transforming it into wearable pieces of art. Finding beauty in the abandoned, they’re redefining what we consider luxury while stunningly tackling waste.

The debut OUSHBA collection is built upon the idea of creating artefacts out of discarded e-waste. The 38-piece collection features fragments of repurposed electronic waste such as circuit boards, USB sticks and plugs, which have been reimaged and then set against 22kt gold, 18kt white gold and silver alongside sustainably sourced diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. The unisex collection is bold, avant-garde and unique.

Price range: $750- $5,000 (with more expensive items ranging from $30-50,000)

One of the best recycled jewelry brands for: Pieces of wearable art that are one of a kind!

Recycled Jewelry Brands You'll Love

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