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10 Handmade Ethical Jewelry Pieces You’ll Want In Your Collection

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Spring is in the air and ladies like to adorn themselves with colour and light jewellery that celebrate the rebirth of nature. But to do so ethically the selection should occur, amongst brands that create handmade jewellery, which benefits the environment and allows communities in developing countries to have fair paid labour and develop their craft.

Take a look at ten handmade ethical jewelry pieces that that share that same love for our planet and its Earthlings too!

1. Compassionate Heart Necklace

This pretty pink stone exemplifies peace of heart, and sits delicately just above the heart chakra. Emilie Shapiro’s handmade pendant captivates wearers and viewers alike with its layers of cotton-candy hued rhodochrosite, which is a symbol for selfless love, empathy and healing.


2. Reclaimed Guitar String Gemstone Bangles

Rock chicks will love shaking these gemstone bangles made with reclaimed guitar strings. It won’t surprise that the designer of this unique jewelry is the daughter of New Orleans based musicians. Turquoise, peridot, apatite, citrine, carnelian, and tourmaline has been worked onto the wires by a small team of female artisans in the USA. 

3. Full Moon Necklace

Channel your inner goddess with a tribute to the Full Moon, which is associated with feminine energies in many cultures. This necklace was handmade in Colombia by artisanal jewelry designers Tulianna and Alejandra Garce with oxin-free, bio-based resins. Wearing this is all about harnessing your female energy.

4. Hostess Necklace

Waste finds a new life through the expert hands of fairly paid artisans in Uganda, who roll scraps of discarded paper into delicate little beads, which are then varnished for durability. This turquoise necklace makes a great statement about sustainability, whilst brandishing a Boho flare.

5. Chakra Gemstone Bracelet

Carolina Elias hand-assembles these stackable bracelets in her studio in California with the intention of allowing wearers to target their bodies’ energy centres. As an added ethical bonus, the brass beads here are handmade by a community of women in Kenya, who receive a fair wage for their work.

6. Double Geode Ring

Designer Karina Harris loves to take simple amethyst geodes and split them in half herself, to reveal the raw beauty within. Each geode has its own unique shape and colouring, making all of Karina’s pieces truly one-of-a-kind. Ancient Roman jewellery was the inspiration for this particular piece, which is delicately gold plated.

7. Luminous Solar Quartz Necklace

Natalie Jacob handmakes each item of jewelry in her collections from her Brooklyn studio. This bijou features solar quartz and kyanite stones, which possess soothing properties for the wearer. This is a statement accessory that pairs perfectly with your breeziest spring dress.



8. Sarah & Sebastian Baroque Gold Pearl Hoop Earrings

Jewelry label Sarah & Sebastian was founded by Sydney-based duo Sarah Gittoes and Robert Sebastian Grynkofki. They combined their respective backgrounds in design and goldsmithing, to attain “the beauty in modern simplicity,” creating delicate pieces using 14-karat gold and ethically sourced gems. One of the extraordinary results of their work are the magnificently baroque freshwater pearl earrings, which provide finesse to any ears they adorn.

9. Ishkar

Ishkar is a social enterprise that supports craftsmanship in wartorn countries. The company uses well known designers like Pippa Small and Hattie Rickard to create economic opportunities for craftsmen in countries that have been largely cut off from international markets by conflict and insecurity. The Oculus Ring, for instance, was designed by Hattie Rickard and crafted by Mehdi Ansar, an Afghan refugee in Iran who started working in a car repair shop, and today leads a team of seven jewellers. While twiddling this ring around your finger, remember that you have contributed to supporting Afghan artisans by providing them with technical training and business support.

10. Rosa Castelbarco

Rosa Castelbarco’s ethically sourced, handmade bijoux draw their inspiration from nature. For example, her Corolla necklace evokes images of shark’s teeth, grass or jagged mountain peaks thanks to the carved mineral ‘petals’ that compose it. This is part of Castelbarco’s Mineral Collection, which glorifies the Earth and its elements with sophistication worthy of the designer’s noble heart.

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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