How Covid Made Miomojo Bags Even Greener

Unlike most fashion labels, Miomojo bags got even more sustainable after the pandemic. Here’s how

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

There can be no question that the fashion world has been struggling during the pandemic. This is especially true for the smaller brands that were starting to emerge and make themselves known. Unfortunately, many brands were forced to give up on sustainability due to Covid in order to save money, reduce wages and use more affordable, but less ethical, textiles.

Not so Miomojo bags. In fact, quite the opposite is true!

Despite being located in Bergamo, where Covid 19 hit Italy the hardest, Miomojo bags became even more eco friendly after the pandemic. Here’s how.

cactus leather bag

Always sustainable

As a vegan brand, Miomojo was always sustainable. They’re also great acceptors of innovation, and the brand was one of the first to embrace the use of Apple Skin and Cactus Leather. Founder Claudia Pievani’s sleek, European designs have led to the brand being dubbed ‘the vegan Prada’. Miomojo is fully dedicated to not only using cruelty-free leather, but also recycled materials, natural fibres and certified synthetic textiles.

The Italian brand has also been a strong believer in giving back. Since it launched, it always made sure to do so, proactively helping animals through charities like, Animals Asia (that helps moon bears and raises awareness on the cruelty of the bear bile industry), Four Paws (that helps wild animals kept in captivity, farm animals and pets as well as strays to the right to live a dignified life in an environment suited to their species), Felida (that provides special care to rescued big cats).

So how could the pandemic have made the brand even more ethical and sustainable, you may be wondering?

Miomojo bags

How Covid made Miomojo even greener

Well, Covid was a time of reflection for Miomojo. Claudia Pievani decided to use that time to re-strategise and go against the flow of these brands that were giving in to unsustainable, profiteering approaches.

The result of this reflection was brand’s Made in Italy Prima Linea Collection. It was produced in record time, with the aim of making the label more sustainable, organic and innovative. Being locked down for so long gave all those on staff at Miomojo the time and inspiration to contemplate how they could enhance their ethical practices. Introducing cactus leather seemed to be a good solution.

Miomojo discovered nopal cactus that grows in abundance throughout Mexico and decided it was the perfect material for vegan bags. The results were spectacularly chic — in line with Miomojo’s company motto “from waste to wealth. Or rather, to style.”

Moreover, in the most troubling year in history for a small business, Miomojo decided to donate over €42.000 to animal welfare causes all over the world. Why? Because without tourism, animal shelters and sanctuaries that rely on funding from travellers were hurt more than ever in 2020, and they were desperate for donations. With Miomojo, animals always come first!

Miomojo vegan bags

Miomojo’s pledge for the future

With the commitment launched by the Prima Linea Collection, Miomojo made a pledge to usher more ethical production practices. While other fashion brands turn to AI to save money (thus throwing millions of garment workers into even further poverty), Miomojo decided to become a Certified B Corporation. This means they will be legally required to account for the brand’s decisions that have any kind of an impact on workers, suppliers, the environment and the community.

The completion of this process will most likely happen by the middle of 2021. And by the end of this month, Miomojo will also be a Benefit Company. This status is awarded to brands whose work is acknowledged to go beyond mere profits, balancing economic benefits with ethics. This once more attests the label’s dedication to leaving a positive impact on our planet – despite any setbacks from the pandemic.

But the unstoppable Italian vegan brand with a huge heart has more surprises in store for eco-fashionistas!  Miomojo will soon release a new collection made from a new plant-based material: corn leather. This continues to be in line with the company’s research for new leather-like alternatives. Cactus leather, apple skin, wine leather, mycelium-based leather and mango leather are but a few cruelty free options they’ve explored.

But that’s not all! Miomojo intends to continue its mission to give back, and develop a Miomojo Foundation for animals and a Rescue Centre Miomojo — a place of peace for rescued animals, as well as an educational centre for a kinder future. How could you not want to support such a brand, defined by love for the planet and its creatures over profits?

Miomojo bags

Where you can find Miomojo bags 

Besides the eshop on Miomojo’s website, the Italian brand is currently available in new important department stores, such as the Finnish, Stockmann and Singaporean Takashimaya.

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