Jessica Alba’s Top Beauty Secrets

By Sophia Hussain

Honestly, Jessica Alba is such a beauty! This iconic American-Latino actress is a mother, founder of the Honest Company, and beauty brand ambassador for Braun. As a healthy living advocate, she is all about embracing a healthy lifestyle and Jessica does definitely practice what she preach. As author of “The Honest Life”, Jessica shares her personal tips on clean living, eco-friendly decor, healthy eating recipes, and includes candid images of her home life with her husband and cute children in her new book.

To achieve a perfect body and glowing face, Jessica puts a lot of work and thought into making herself beautiful. We couldn’t resist sharing her top tips to help you radiate natural beauty, too.


Luscious Lips

Jessica  loves wearing a red lip for events or at night, and a more natural gloss or neutral shade during the day. Her red lip tips: Prep with Organic Lip Balm from the Honest Company in Lavender Mint, as the mint will act like a gentle plumper. To keep your colour from feathering out, apply foundation all the way around your lips, to the outer edge.  Line your lips, starting from the inner crease.  Completely fill in your lips with liner, then top with a matching lipstick, like a fire engine red, or deep burgundy by a natural, vegan brand like one of Jessica’s faves, Youngblood. Remember to keep lippies organic–this stuff gets in your mouth, after all!

Image: The Honest Company

Her Golden Glow

Jessica isn’t too bothered about her hair–she prefers to go all natural, without colouring her hair–but she’s a dedicated skincare nut.

The actress’s healthy skin routine begins with hydration.  She says: “I love multi-tasking products, so I use a tinted  moisturiser  with SPF that protects and freshens my skin, which is really important with all the travel that I do. I love to get facials but if I don’t have time, I’ll do a deep cleanse using a Braun Silk-epil Facial Cleansing Brush: it’s like a mini at-home facial!” Mimic flawless skin by applying a neutral base. If your skin is dry, choose a creamy one, or if it’s normal to oily, go for an all natural mineral foundation, like those by  Kari Gran.


She likes  playing up her natural olive  skin  tone by brushing bronzer across her hairline, nose and the apples of her cheeks–wherever the sun naturally hits–and finishing with a peachy  lip gloss  for a great daytime look. We’d recommend AEOS  bronzers  for this, or if you really want to get organic, mix a bit of cocoa powder with a translucent powder.


Image: Braun

The Body Beautiful

Jessica isn’t a huge fan of working out and relies on going to the gym with friends and mixing her workout up to keep her motivation high. “Like staying hydrated, getting exercise regularly is a foundation of any body care routine since it relieves the stress that often shows up on your body in other ways. I make sure to mix it up with yoga, hip-hop dance and running to keep me interested,” she says.

After a tough workout, the Sin City star loves to unwind with baths, and maybe a cheeky glass of wine, but she says “Exfoliating and moisturising matter, too: using my Braun Silk-epil SkinSpabeauty set with my Honest Company Face & Body Lotion is the perfect package for soft, glowing skin.”


The Eyes Have It

One of the first things you notice about Jessica are her clear, pretty eyes. She doesn’t use much makeup in the daytime, but never fails to use mascara, on both her upper and lower lashes. For alluring eyes like hers, apply two coats of black mascara by an all natural brand like Xenca, but only apply to the upper eyelashes and load up the product at the eyelash base to create volume.



 Her Ultimate Beauty Tips

Jessica says her mom taught her the real secret to true beauty: Looking good is feeling good. Beauty reflects your inner strength and your best self, whether you have your makeup and hair done or not. She also stresses that above all, the state of your skin is vital: “I’d also say remembering your skin is the canvas for everything, so skin care is important. Staying hydrated is where it starts, from drinking water to using a humidifier, and wearing moisturiser and sunscreen is definitely part of my daily ritual,” she says.

We’re pouring our own glass of still with lemon, right now and slapping on some SPF. Cheers!

To see Jessica behind the scenes of her Braun shoot, click on this video:


Sophia Hussain

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.



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