The ‘H’ is for ‘Heavenly’: Emily H London

By Chere Di Boscio

The Chelsea Flower Show inspires awe from all who see it: fluffy peonies, seductive roses and elegant irises all compete for attention with exotic lilies and mysterious orchids.

Emily H London, a Bespoke Ethical Jewellery Service, was also inspired by floral motifs when they launched their debut capsule collection for Spring/Summer 2013.

Emily H- Emilia Pendant Earrings Short Gold


Influenced by the natural beauty of winding vines and flower buds, the Emilia collection is made up of sumptuous amethysts and citrine, surrounded by sparkling leaves studded with tsavorite gems and yellow diamonds.  Consisting of five interchangeable pieces, the collection’s earrings can be worn as studs or transformed into longer drop pendants, allowing the client to experience a sense of ownership and personality over their jewellery, creating a bespoke design of their own.  The collection also features a show-stopping ring; a rich amethyst centrepiece held in place with four 18-carat gold leaves with tsavorites and yellow diamonds, and  a pair of stunning earrings, incorporating two 6-carat emeralds and diamonds set in white gold.   Accompanying them is a matching ring; an 8-carat emerald encircled by glistening diamonds.

Emily H-Emilia Ring Amethyst


The brand is passionate in their mission to raise awareness within the diamond industry for ethical fine jewellery, striving for complete transparency in the sourcing of stones. To support the cause, they founded the 8C Foundation, which aims to ensure pure, certified Fairtrade diamonds and precious stones that will deliver real economic justice to all those involved in the production process.

Emily H- Emilia Pendant Earrings Long Amethyst

The 8 C Foundation incorporates not only the industry recognised 4 C’s (Cut, Carat, Clarity and Colour) but also; ‘Comprehension’ (to understand where the gems are mined), ‘Cooperation’ (to co-operate with small artisans who can’t afford more modern methods of mining), ‘Compassion’; (we must only purchase reasonably sourced gems and involve small miners in the education process to establish cutting schools in Africa) and finally ‘Coordination’ (the whole industry must embrace these principles in order to raise the quality of life of people involved in the process).

Emily H London-Calla Lily Ring Image 1 High Res

While we admire Emily H London’s values, we’d like to add another, not-so-noble ‘C’ to that list: ‘Coveting’–because that’s exactly what we are doing, for every single piece.

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Chere Di Boscio

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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