Different Eco Friendly Rings for Different Occasions

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By Anna van der Heijden

Got any plans for the weekend? Whatever you’re up to, be it a movie, gallery opening or brunch with friends, you’ll want to dress perfectly for the occasion, and having the right accessories can help. In particular, jewellery certainly makes a statement, and one of the most beloved pieces to wear is the ring. Here, we’ve found eco friendly rings for all kinds of different social situations – the only thing they all have in common is that each one is fully ethically sourced and sustainable.  So what are you wearing tonight?

Music Festival

The mighty guitar god Keith Richards doesn’t wear a wedding band – just a silver skull ring that he’s had for years. He’s kind of set the benchmark for rock’n’roll jewellery: it has to be silver, right? And Pamela Love uses ethically sourced silver to make skull, bone and claw rings that even Keith would envy!


Gallery Opening

When you are surrounded by art, you get inspired to reflect the beauty around you through your clothing. But how do you make sure to stand out in a crowd filled with elegant people who know about art and style? Go subtly extravagant by wearing a little sculpture around your fingers. The extraordinary pieces by German-born Ute Decker are little pieces of art on themselves. She describes the pieces as ‘geometric poetry’, which makes perfect sense with the architectural precision and organic shapes she uses for her handcrafted jewellery, made purely from recycled silver and fairtrade gold.


Business Dinner

The setting might be more low key, but a business dinner is the time to dress to impress. You’ll want to look chic but serious at the same time. Wear something elegant, classy and modern on your wrist. These bracelets by April Doubleday are minimalistic modern yet elegantly classic. April Doubleday only uses ethically sourced precious metals in her jewellery. She strives for full transparency in her business and therefore keeps a close eye on the production process by making personal visits to ethical gold mines. Wear one of these beautiful pieces and bring some of that business goodness to the table, while looking radiant.


Romantic Date  

Date night ahead? Heat up the romance by adding some exotic jewellery to your fingers.  Melissa Joy Manning creates beautiful jewellery inspired by the natural beauty of places like Iceland, Morocco and Bali. All of the pieces are handmade, the silver is recycled, the gold is sourced from a Green Certified refinery, and the stones are upcycled wherever possible.  We particularly like these delicate, gold stacking ring. Wear one or two for a refined feminine touch; wear loads on different fingers to make a more artistic statement.


Dinner Out

At dinner in a nice restaurant, you want your hands to look flawless. Whenever you pick up your knife and fork lift your wineglass, or gesture as you speak, you’ll want people to have something gorgeous to look at. But would you go for classic antique or minimalistic modern? What if you don’t have to choose? Vena Amoris makes beautiful custom and unique rings inspired by history – mainly the  art of the Middle Ages and Renaissance – and of course the owner of the brand, Tesia Alexandra, is adamant about using  ethical materials and makes the jewellery herself.


Girl’s Night Out

Dance the night away with your ladies with some proper sparkle on your hands. It is time to out-shine the disco ball! And Ludmila Navarro  creates jewellery that’s truly as  unique as ever  wearer. The best part is that the materials used are recycled, usually from other vintage pieces of jewellery or knick knacks.  


Friend’s Wedding

Wedding season means dressing up, but differently than you would for evenings out. We’re talking elegant dresses that require delicate jewellery – but nothing too bling for fear of upstaging the bride! The ethical.market has a variety of dainty rings like this ethically sourced silver and opal one that are handmade in Scotland by  Bosie Boutique.


House Party

So, your friend has left you to get a drink and you’re stuck alone at a house party where you know no one.  As you stand there in the corner gripping your glass, surely someone will see one of AnaKatarina’s outstanding, ethically sourced and uniquely designed rings and ask where you got that, right? Whew! Awkward ‘alone’ moment solved!


Fashion Show

These days it seems that it’s always Fashion Week somewhere. At one point, the YSL Arty ring was an editor’s favourite go-to front row ring – but once it seemed everyone had one, fashionistas sought out newer, different designers. Emily H London’s gorgeous aubergine hued ring is one new favourite, thanks to its richly coloured gems, sourced ethically via Gemfields.


Meeting the Boyfriend’s Parents

Of course you want to make a good impression here, but something too ostentatious says you’re trying too hard, and something too cheap (thanks but no thanks Accessorize) says you’ve still not quite grown up yet. Pippa Small makes pretty rings with personality that make you stand out – but subtly.


Chere Di Boscio
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      Thanks for your question. We are normally contacted by brands who tell us they produce their goods ethically. Blumera is one such brand. The owner contacted us to say that all products are made by hand in small batches by fairly paid workers, and the materials used are ethically sourced. We took their word for it, but upon seeing the Blumera website, we have found little evidence for this – AND the brand uses exotic skins, which we DO NOT support. The brand has consequently been removed from the article. Thanks for the heads up!

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