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Gudrun Sjoden’s Oriental Collection

Gudrun Sjoden’s Oriental Collection fuses East with West

By Arwa Lodhi

Have you ever noticed Japanese culture has a lot in common with Scandinavia? Me either. But popular sustainable designer Gudrun Sjoden saw some clear similarities when she recently revisited Japan after 47 years. Specifically, she admired how Japanese design and aesthetics, such as an emphasis on simplicity, distinctiveness, and bright pops of colour alongside tranquil neutrals, somehow mirrored what she saw in her native Scandinavia.

Her journey to Japan inspired her to create a new collection that highlights these aesthetic connections between the two cultures. Made principally from organic cotton and soft natural linen, the new styles feature bold geometric block printed patterns and loose, flowing Japanese cuts.

Gudrun Sjoden’s trademark is colourful clothes and home textiles in natural materials with an emphasis on Scandinavian design. The fashion is designed to be functional and versatile so it can be mixed and matched in both the short and long term in looks to suit women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

She told Eluxe: “The green issue has always been very connected to me- since I started the company 1976 the nature has been my inspiration. Therefore we now this spring have 93% sustainable materials in our range- that is one part, then we also tell about the materials and show the customer to choose the better materials. (Being) green is in our DNA- meaning we are using vintage and natural material when we are putting up a new shop, in the office we have a lot of green methods in our office, too – from not printing out so much paper to collecting the glass, paper, etc  for recycling. For us, it’s not a new modern thing; for us, it’s in our soul.

Her Oriental collection of kimonos, tunics, tops, bags and jodhpurs in neutral shades and indigo blue are perfect for eco-fashionistas aiming to stay cool during the warmer months ahead.

For more information on Gudrun Sjoden’s oriental collection, please click here.

gudrun sjoden's oriental collection

gudrun sjoden's oriental collection

gudrun sjoden

gudrun sjoden's oriental collection

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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