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Hello, Old Sport! Gucci Spring 2014

By Arwa Lodhi

Silk jogging pants, boxer-style kimonos, triangle bikini bras and track-and-field inspired silk shorts and mesh tops are all at the heart of the Gucci Spring 2014 collection. wg_ss14_campaign_main_8_web_1column

Clearly taking their inspiration from sportswear, these clothes transform ‘sporty’ to ‘chic’ by adding details constructed from jacquard, silk crepe de chine and  Art Nouveau prints in rich crimson, gold and purple.


Made mainly from silk, these outstanding outfits have made it to the pages of Eluxe mainly for Gucci’s commitment to greening up their enterprises: they’ve recently ensured all their packaging is made from recycled materials, have created their own in-house eco-friendly tanning and dyeing processes, and are working on greatly reducing their energy use by 2016.


By that same year, all hazardous chemicals and PVC will be fully eliminated from Gucci’s production lines, but they’ve already taken drastic measures with their acquisition of gold and diamonds: 100% of these are sourced from verified operations that do not have a harmful impact on local communities, wildlife or the ecosystems which support them.


Although the brand does use leather,  all of it comes from responsible and verified sources that do not result in converting sensitive ecosystems into grazing lands or agricultural lands for food production.

Finally, Gucci does an Environmental Profit & Loss Report,  which takes into account the natural resources their business depends on to operate, and their subsequent environmental impacts, which will enable the company to develop a more sustainable and resilient business model.


With policies like these, Gucci aims to give the environment a sporting chance.

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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