Dani’s Model Diaries: My Green Fashion Week Experience

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By Daniela Christiansson

It was so wonderful to see all the wonderful sustainable fashion displayed yet again at the 6th edition of Green Fashion Week in Rome this season. I’ve been present at every GFW, since I was the key person who launched this phenomenon after I approached my modelling agency for some tips about an eco fashion show I wanted to do with a designer friend. They loved the idea, and proposed that I become the Ambassador of Green Fashion Week and the rest, as they say, is history!

And speaking of history, there could really have been no more stunning venue for an eco fashion show than Rome. Being in this city really put our past, present and future as a human race in perspective, and made me realise how important it is to continue our legacy here on Earth by taking better care of the planet. It was a great experience being part of GFW this season, and I’d like to share with you what I did each day.


Ugh! I had a very early morning, wake-up call at 5h30 to take the train at 7am with the Green Fashion Week team and Major Models – it was great to see the girls again! Our destination was the  Sheraton Hotel in Rome, where we had our first fittings with some of the sustainable fashion designers. We were driven to the hotel in iBMW electric cars. They’re just stunning!


We had a press conference with lots of journalists from around the world present. The best part? The venue! It was held at the Temple of Hadrian – essentially the tomb of one of ancient Rome’s most important emperors. Lunch was organic food and wine catered by Natural Food IT, who provided all the tasty food during the entire event, actually. I love to eat, so I was happy to see the food was all organic and super tasty! I was grabbing plates of fresh pastas, salads, and even homemade cookies whenever I could.

Our hair was styled by organic brand Antonin B from Paris, and the hair lace wigs is from addcolo, who I had already known about through Eluxe Magazine, of course. The whole event is carbon neutral thanks to our partners, the Allcot Group, which offsets the carbon emissions generated during the entire event through the Brazilian Rosewood Amazon Conservation project. Did I mention that I am their Ambassador, too?

Later in the day, I was interviewed by Univision. So exciting! Can’t wait to see it on TV!

We ended the press day with three fashion shows by Kromagnon, Victoria Ladefoged (Men’s Collection) and Royal Blush, with the participation of Nomadic Collector and Exallo concept eco-friendly accessories.

In the evening, we all went to see the Green Fashion Week movie at the museum of Traiano next to the ruins of Piazza Venezia and Imperial Forums. You’ll see me as central character in that film, but you’ll also discover all the places we’ve been already held the Green FW. I can safely say all the people who joined the Green Fashion Week and that had never been in Rome before were just blown away by the locations – not only are they are beautiful, but they have a story too!



After loads of fittings, the second catwalk show took place at a hotel that has a firm sustainable program in place: the Westin Excelsior of Rome. It was a very elegant event with an orchestra playing while we were walking for Flavia La Rocca with again accessories of Nomadic Collection and Exallo iPhone cases (since we were allowed to have our phones with us to show the eco-friendly iphone cases, I managed to do an Instagram story that was a great success on the social media)! Bav Tailor and Gentile Catone were two other brands I walked for.

After the show, I did a quick report for Planet Fashion TV. With all this activities, it was such an intense day for me! As the evening came, I was still buzzing with energy, so I decided to do what I usually do when I’m too pumped up – I hit the gym with another model and  Kristina, the designer of Krie Design, to burn off the adrenalyn.    Our workout ended after midnight, but I felt I needed it, and in the end, I slept like a baby.


Today was seriously spectacular: we did an impressive runway show with Orushka and Krie Design at the Imperial Forum – it was the first of its kind! This was open to the public and we were all amazed and rather emotional by the support we received.  On the last day of the shows, we posed in Victoria Ladefoged’s women’s collections on historical monuments, such as the Circus Maximus and the Coliseum.

This was another really emotional day for me, and I said thank you to the whole team because no one is paid – there are no sponsors (only technical ones), so everyone has been supporting this event to promote greener lifestyles, and I could not be more grateful to the hotels, brands, staff and of course, the Italian government, who allowed us to use these iconic venues!


I was really pleased to see the shoot we did for Vogue Italia – you can see me in a golden brocade outfit by Orushka for the magazine, below. I was followed during the whole day by Citizen Life Now magazine, which focused on me as an Ambassador to GFW, as well as being a green influencer and model! I decided to wear my vegan friendly Chere boots from NAE Vegan for the occasion (I also wore them on our press day – I love these boots!) Of course, I can’t wait to see the video and will share it with you when it’s ready.

I can’t wait for the next season, and if you’d like to be part of the next GFW, just get in touch, and check out my blog for more updates.

All photos courtesy of Green Fashion Week or Daniela Christiansson except the last photo, by Mr & Mrs Photography for Vogue Italia


Chere Di Boscio
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