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Simeon Farrar, Eco-Punk

By Diane Small

Fine Arts graduate Simeon Farrar is a London based designer who has been a painter for the last 10 years. Three time winner of the New Generation Award at London Fashion Week, his arts background clearly informs the foundation of his clothing design, especially his latest collection of T-shirts.


Each design in his current collection starts from a philosophical root and then expands into a finished print, hand dyed or finished to give a ‘painterly’ feeling to each piece.  The prints are often deliberately washed before they have time to dry and so rinse away into the fabric, lending a unique touch to every shirt.


Made of 100% Bamboo fibres, the shirts are completely natural, yet urban at the same time. In fact, the designer says he is truly a product of the urban environment:

“My work is about the city but in my work the city is a metaphor for this reality. The city is where I feel the truth of this reality the most. In the city I am a child on Christmas eve hardly able to contain himself. Everything in front of me. All is subject matter, all is inspiration. Like a musical note leaping from the saxophone of John Coltrane I am free to go anywhere and there is no limit to my experience. The streets, the music, hip hop, jazz, the faces, the individuals, the beats, poetry of letters, numbers, lives, people, there is no end to the forms of expression,” he says.
Whether worn in the urban jungle or green forests, we think these statement T-shirts beautifully express wit, art and the very best of what a new generation of British designers has to offer.
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