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Daniel Silverstein Fashion: The Piece Project

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Although many will recognise him from his time on the hit TV series, Fashion Star, Eluxe met this American zero waste designer  at New York Fashion week and have closely followed his career ever since.

His passion for zero waste  and protecting nature seem to be the major sources of inspiration both for his creations as a fashion designer, as well as an illustrator. Most importantly he manages to weld the two majestically.

These themes are at the core soul of his ‘Piece Project’, where model Lauren Singer is photographed by Maeghan Donohue wearing Daniel Silverstein’s most recent collection, and the background is ultimately illustrated by the eco-designer himself. This way several arts combine for a good cause: visual arts and fashion join forces to promote Silverstein’s zero waste philosophy, where textile pollution is removed from the manufacturing process by being very imaginative in patterns on fabric and paper.


We love not only the quirky illustrations, but Daniel’s latest  collection, too–especially  the subdued palette and feminine draping. Given it’s total wearability and chic, urban silhouettes, we’re sure that Amber Valetta will yet again choose Daniel Silverstein Fashion to be part of her Master & Muse Collection on Yoox.

Piece Project1

“Lauren stays comfortable and chic in the piece lonika and iota moto . Her zero waste life means tote-bags to and from the farmers market, or on her way to set up a picnic in the park on a crisp autumn afternoon. Look good, feel good.”

Piece Project2

“Lauren puts the finishing touch on the perfect look for a night out. Slipping into separates makes everything easier. The cross top and flirt skirt mix and match with just about everything Lauren has in her wardrobe making sexy and sustainable not only possible but simple.”

Piece Project3

“With everything the city has to offer, it can seem challenging to stay chic and zero-waste. Here Lauren shows us how she does it in her professional life. The fragment dress and iota moto make a perfect pair when she is running to a meeting with an investor for her upcoming line of sustainable cleaning products, The Simply Co.”


DSC_0805 DSC_0613 1389_140921_DANIEL SILVERSTEIN4055 1027_140921_DANIEL SILVERSTEIN3627


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