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Crystals in Clothes: Practically Mad or Practical Magic?

By Peg Moline

Do you ever feel stuck in place? As if no matter what you try, there’s a big, thick wall in your face? Ever wondered if there’s a natural way to have more energy, a better sex drive and just plain feel happier? Some believe the key might be balancing your chakras.

According to many ancient systems of belief, our chakras, or the seven centers in our bodies through which energy flows, are linked to certain states of being. This flowing energy, called prana, is our life force and it’s what fuels us and keeps us alive, in fact, the word chakra means “wheel of spinning energy” in Hindu. Sometimes your chakras become blocked or imbalanced. When that happens, there may be emotional or physical consequences, a sense of being out of whack.

Chakras are counted up from the lower part of your body (your root chakra) to the top of your head (the crown chakra). Each chakra is associated with a colour, and those colours are found in certain gemstones.

One way to balance chakra energy has been used for centuries: crystal therapy. Los Angeles-based massage therapist Krista Ruegg has studied the practical application of crystals as related to chakras, and was amazed at what she discovered: crystals helped with her lower back issues, so much so that she wanted to place a crystal on her back permanently – but of course, this wasn’t so easy to do.

When a friend offered her a healing chakra stone to place there, she laughed and said she should make ‘chakra panties’ to get the benefit of the stone all day long. But soon, she stopped laughing and realised this could be a great idea, and Chakra Intimates, her eco-friendly lingerie line with Reiki-charged gemstones hand-sewn at key chakra centers, was born.

It may sound unusual, but Chakra Intimates isn’t the only sustainable clothing brand to sew crystals into garments: Crystalwear Hemp Clothing does it, as do Opulent Luxury and APOCCAS. But is putting crystals in your clothing practically mad, or practical magic?

Magic Thinking?

For some, the science behind healing crystals is solid. They argue that  crystals have one of the most orderly structures that exist in nature, and therefore have  one of the slowest rates of entropy  (a measurement for disorder). Crystals are structured in a manner that allows them to  respond to the inputs of all different energies  around them, which in turn leads them to oscillate and emit specific vibratory frequencies.

Due to the fact that the  crystal lattice is so orderly, the energy it emits is consistent. When dissonant energy is inputted, it is balanced and transformed into a harmonic energy. For these reasons, crystals are used in modern technologies – for example, silicon  is used in every computer and mobile phone processor, and  liquid crystals  comprise the display screens of these devices.  Ruby  crystals were an important part of the first ever laser developed by Bell Laboratories in the 1960†²s, and are still used today for their abilities to focus and concentrate energy.

The closer you have healing crystals to your body, the stronger their vibrational effects would be, then.

For others, the power of crystals is all in one’s head, and any benefit could be attributed to a placebo effect.

Although people do report that using crystals makes them feel lighter, happier, and more energised, there is no scientific proof that this can be empirically attributed specifically to crystals. Sure, they  certainly do give off vibrational energies, but these are so weak – and other energies around us, such as electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and radio waves (RFI) are so much stronger – it’s hard to believe that we could actually notice them.

But then again, it’s also true that the effects of many pharmaceutical drugs have also been attributed to a placebo effect – so   a strong belief in crystals can possibly work in concert with the brain to create some kind of psychosomatic healing benefit, at the very least.

The bottom line? We love the idea of crystals sewn into your undies affecting your chakras – it’s a unique concept, and at the end of the day, what’s the harm?

Learn how to balance your chakras with colour crystals:

Root Chakra:  RED

The root chakra is at the base of your spine. Its function is survival, and it controls your fight or flight response. When this chakra is blocked, you might feel paranoid and you also might feel depressed or anxious, which may manifest as unhappiness with your body. A balanced root chakra helps you feel grounded.

Gemstones: red and black crystals, such as red garnet, red jasper, smoky quartz, black onyx and hematite

Sacral Chakra:  ORANGE

The sacral, or navel, chakra is found about three inches below your navel, and it is associated with pleasure, sexuality and creativity, and birth. A weakness may cause you to feel fatigued. Blockage may be expressed as compulsive or obsessive behaviors, and an overactive sacral chakra might lead you to be overly emotional.

Gemstones: carnelian, orange garnet, Tiger’s Eye and sunstone

Solar Plexus Chakra:  YELLOW

The solar plexus chakra is at your diaphragm. Joy and personal power are ruled by this chakra, and if it’s weak you might feel frustrated and powerless, especially when stressed. Physical illnesses such as indigestion and eating disorders are linked to this chakra. An overactive solar plexus might make you a “control freak.” A balanced solar plexus can mean personal and professional success.

Gemstones: citrine, yellow jasper, rutilated quartz pyrite, citrine, and yellow agate

Heart Chakra:  GREEN

The heart chakra is the center of love, compassion and peace. If you find yourself having problems in your relationships, this chakra might be weak. If it’s overactive, you might find yourself becoming too attached to things. Blockage can manifest as a lack of compassion or thoughtless acts.

Gemstones: Green and pink crystals such as aventurine, chrysoprase, rose quartz or rhodonite.

Throat Chakra:  BLUE

The throat chakra is found at the base of the neck, and is in charge of communication. Physically, it rules the neck, arms and thyroid. A weak throat chakra hinders your ability to speak or tell the truth; an overactive one might cause you to speak hurtfully without thinking. A balanced throat chakra allows you to be expressive, often with a beautiful voice.

Gemstones: angelite, turquoise, blue apatite and aquamarine.

Third Eye Chakra:  INDIGO

The third eye chakra is positioned between your eyebrows and is the center of intuition. If this chakra is weak, you might have trouble seeing the big picture, visualizing your life’s direction. You might also feel depressed, unable to make decisions, in an emotional rut. Those with a balanced third eye chakra often have charismatic personalities and possibly telepathic abilities.

Gemstones: angelite, amethyst, fluorite and iolite

Crown Chakra:  VIOLET

This chakra is at the very top of your head, and is considered the chakra of enlightenment, bliss and acceptance. The crown chakra rules our connection to spirituality. If you feel lost or detached, this chakra might be weak or blocked. An overactive crown might make you act aggressive and superior. When this chakra is balanced, you can be open-minded and feel at peace with the world.

Gemstones: clear quartz, amethyst, selenite and moonstone.


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