Amur’s Latest Collection Gives Us Major Fashion Lust

Ready to see what’s hot for spring/summer 2021? Check out Amur’s latest collection!

By Paradise Harichian

Popular with celebrities, fashionistas and socialites alike, Amur is a sustainable fashion brand with a strong signature style, and this is seen in both their pre-fall and fall collections for this year.

So, what exactly forms that signature? First up are their perennial feminine frills and ruffles. While ruffles can sometimes give off a ‘cha cha’ vibe and frills can take on a Victorian prudishness when done wrong, Amur gets them both so right – they embellish unconventional parts of a garment, such as the shoulders on blouses and the thighs on skirts and pants, and they even show up rather unexpectedly on denim skirts and dresses.

Amur can also be defined by its cuts. Always highlighting the female form, they tend to feature asymmetrical hemlines and tops, dramatically flared trousers, slit sleeves and peek-a-boo shoulders.

And then there are the prints. Amur is crazy for them. Especially florals. This season, they’re in monochrome styles that are reminiscent of vintage 30s wallpaper. And we love them!

This season, as always, the designs in Amur’s latest collection are soft yet edgy. Think: chiffon wrap tie skirts with side detailing, cinched at the waist. Or high rise, boxy pleated shorts that pair perfectly with elaborate blouses. And of course, there are the dresses. The floaty, frilly Allegra gown in orange is one of our firm favourites for the summer.

Sustainably Chic

And can we talk ethics? Amur has partnered with NEST, a non-profit, Fairtrade organisation that gives jobs to home-bound artisan mothers all over the world, allowing them to join the workforce – no matter what their circumstances – in order to support and feed their family. 

But that’s not all – Amur also uses resources consciously. From certified organic cottons and silks to sustainable hemp and linen fibres, all their fabrics used are selected to not only feel natural, light and comfortable on the body, but also to more easily facilitate the draping, ruching and ruffling that define Amur’s silhouettes. The brand also uses regenerated fibres made from waste materials and forest-friendly cellulose fibres, all spun into the most exquisitely fine fabrics and trims. 

Ready to behold Amur’s latest collection? We think you’ll fall for these as hard as we did!

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