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Ethical Bridal Inspiration, Three Different Ways

By Arwa Lodhi and Sophia Hussain

Just as there are different kinds of brides, so there are different styles of bridal gowns. Bridal inspiration comes in many different forms, and here we’ve chosen three that we think really stand out: the elegant style of Hollywood’s Golden Age, Bohemian Bridal wear, and more classical styles with an ethical twist. Which bride’s style suits you?

1. Sanyukta Shrestha: Hollywood Elegance

Here is a timeless bridal collection that is eco-friendly and an ode to the elegant  Audrey Hepburn herself. The perfect look for a summer bride is a dress that is  “romantic, whimsical, soft, and dreamy” – inspirational themes by London-based  designer Sanyukta Shrestha.

Her spring bridal collection is a variation of the classic “shift dress” design- made famous by the iconic American actress’s signature style. The gowns are  even named after Hepburn or her films, too.

As always, Sanyukta’s elegant bridal gowns are made from sustainable bamboo  fibres and organic cotton, sourced through fair-trade initiatives by talented  artisans in Nepal who hand-loom and hand-embroider the gowns.

This is the perfect style to compliment the bride’s Tiffany-esque engagement ring of  course!

Sanyukta Shrestha eco bridal wear Sanyukta Shrestha eco bridal wear Sanyukta Shrestha eco bridal wear

2. Minna: The Bride Goes Boho

Designer Minna Hepburn is known for her ethereal (and affordable) bridal dresses. She launched her first Bridal Collection in October 2011, which became a hit with the clients all over the world.  Her second collection, launched online  in December 2012, stays true to her use of luxurious fabrics and hand embellished detailing while  keeping everything eco-friendly.

The newest range, entitled “Love Letter” was inspired by an  old petticoat and a love letter found from the local antique market. The result of this inspiration is a rather Bohemian collection that we could imagine on a bride as she enters an old Scottish cathedral to take her vows, moving onto a Medieval castle for the reception….we can only dream!

minna eco bridal wear

3. Atelier Tammam: The Responsible Bride

Based in the vibrant and historical hub of Bloomsbury, London, Atelier  Tammam marries traditional craftsmanship and a sustainable supply chain to create the first and eco-friendly bespoke wedding label in London.

The brand is dedicated to creating heirloom pieces that maintain very high ethical standards for human and animal rights, sustainability, environment, and trade.

With people learning more about the environment as well as human, and animal rights, Tammam understands that brides want to know that their dress has not been responsible for harming the planet, yet still must look incredible on their wedding day. So, she’s created classical styles that include features such as organic cotton corsets and metres of tulle, which make a maximum impact on the groom, but a very minimal one on the earth.

studio tammam vegan bridal gowns studio tammam vegan bridal gowns

Sophia Hussain

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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