Meet The 2023 Winners Of The Eluxe Awards

The winners of the 2023 Eluxe Awards are more beautiful than ever!

By Lora O’Brien

Having witnessed firsthand the sustainable luxury world evolving over the years of working for Eluxe, I think it’s fair to say that the winners of the SEVENTH (yep, it’s been seven years of Eluxe Awards already – wow!) Eluxe Awards are really paving the way for a better future in all the nominated categories.

In case you didn’t know, Eluxe was a leader yet once again. By that, I mean not only was Eluxe the first sustainable fashion magazine in the world, but we also launched the world’s first ever sustainable luxury awards. We did so to shine a light on brands making a real difference to our planet.

This year, we’ve narrowed the categories down to just beauty brands. And we’ve discovered that they’re more sustainable, vegan and effective than ever before!

Our judges this year included Bespoke Black Book editor and publicist Lady Charlotte LynhamKenny Jackson-Forrest, the founder of Style & Trashion, Noa Ben Moshe, fashion journalist and founder of the vegan blog Style with a Smile, Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi, artist, journalist, filmmaker and film critic, and television/web presenter, producer and writer Vanessa Rae.

What our judges looked for

It’s not easy for our judges to make decisions. They were asked to determine various factors about the brands below.

These included:

  • The sustainability of the brand. Do they use eco-friendly packaging? Are the products ethically made? Are the ingredients natural? Organic?
  • Aesthetics. Is this the kind of brand you’d like to see on your bathroom shelf?
  • Ease of purchase. Is the website easy to navigate? Are returns policies clear?
  • Brand concept. Is this an innovative brand? Is it a concept our readers would love to try?

See our judge’s decisions, and what impressed them most about the winners of the Eluxe Awards 2023, below.

First and second images: Loni Bauer

Meet The Winners Of The 2023 Eluxe Awards

1. Best Up and Coming Ethical brand

Nominees: Le Beach, Invity, Counter Culture and Lubay

Winner: Invity 

Science meets nature in this innovative vegan brand. They offer skincare from the inside out with their plant-based supplements, but of course, there’s a selection of traditional skincare products too. All their products are vegan with natural or nature-identical ingredients.

What impressed our judges: Our judges loved their Instant Filler, with a patented Hyaluronic Acid Technology, NAD and collagen-boosting botanical extracts. They also loved the biodegradable banana-fibre sheet masks.

2023 winners eluxe awards

2. Best Vegan Beauty Brand

Nominees: Loni Baur, Arithmos, Blur London and Invity

Winner: Arithmos

What do you do when the skincare you’re using isn’t working? You make your own skincare range, which is exactly what Arithmos founder Michelle Wang did. The brand was born with a desire to create simple, natural skincare with seasonal ingredients that are both effective and powerful. Made in micro-batches, everything is blended by hand and contains no parabens, emulsifiers, surfactants, fragrances, thickeners, synthetic preservatives, nuts, mineral or palm oils. The brand is certified vegan and cruelty-free!

What impressed our judges: our judges loved that these products are organic and hand-blended. They also appreciated the brand’s sustainable packaging. This includes recyclable glass bottles, kraft paper mailer boxes and cartons, and biodegradable mailer bags.

2023 winners eluxe awards

3. Best Sustainable Luxury Beauty Brand

Nominees: Wildcrafted Organics, ADOREYES, InLight Beauty, Blur London and Invity.

This was a category where our judges couldn’t come to an agreement on the 2023 winners for the Eluxe Awards. After tallying up the votes, we decided that instead of going to a tie-breaker, we’d offer both brands the honour of winning in this category.

Winner: TIE! Blur London and ADOREYES

Forget following trends! Blur London follows the science. Only ingredients that work are used in their range of products. Elevating your skincare routine and delivering balance to your complexion, your skin will truly feel the difference after using Blur London products. Every ingredient they use is intentional, includes for its ability to solve the challenges of specific skin types.

ADOREYES is one of the best places to shop luxury beauty products made to empower women, enhancing what they were naturally given, whether it’s lashes or brows. Results driven and clinically proven, their innovative advanced Triple Peptide formula delivers unmatched results.

What impressed our judges:

Blur London: It’s hard enough to find skincare products for oily skin. But finding clean, vegan ones? Almost impossible. Until now! We love how Blur gives back by planting a tree for every full-sized product sold, thanks to their partnership with One Tree Planted.

Adoreyes: If you’re putting something on your eyes, it should be harsh chemical and fragrance free. But if you want a product that’s meant to grow lashes and brows, it should have science to back it up. Our judges loved how Adoreyes offers both.
2023 winners eluxe awards
2023 winners eluxe awards


4. Best Ethical Hair Care Brand 

Nominees: Fragile Cosmetics, HAIRSTORY, Ingreedients and Saach Organics.

Winner: Ingreendients

By now we should all know that what goes on our skin ends up inside our body, so it makes sense the products you use are safe to use. Ingreedients products are all formulated using ingredients from plants. Not only do they biodegrade once they go down the drain, but they’re safe for our bodies (and waterways) too!

What impressed our judges: Everyday basics are important. And Ingreendients provides clean, effective, plant based formulations you’ll love to use every day in the shower. Think: shampoos, conditioners and shower gels that are gentle on your body and the environment. But what we love most is the fact that each product comes in a plant-based plastic or recycled plastic bottle. Packaging matters when you’re using products like these daily!

2023 winners eluxe awards

5. Best Clean Beauty Brand

Nominees: ODAÏTÈS, Wildcrafted Organics, ADOREYES, Arithmos, Inlight Beauty, Blur London and Invity

Many luxury skincare brands pump their products with cheap fillers and cancer causing chemicals, yikes! But not any of the 2023 winners of the Eluxe Awards! Which is one reason why it’s so hard to choose. In fact, this year, we had another tie!

Winner: Wildcrafted Organics TIED with InLight

Understanding that luxury skincare should only be made using the highest quality organic ingredients, Wildcrafted Organics products are effectively made using ingredients that are potent with nutritionally rich formulas to leave your skin feeling the best it’s meant to feel.

If you’re looking for a new natural beauty brand so invest in, Inlight Beauty should have space in any beauty cabinet. All of their products are handcrafted using 100% organic certified skincare. Each face and body product combines science, alchemy and nature, working with the skin to provide long lasting radiance that will not only leave your skin looking radiant but feeling it, too.

What impressed our judges:

Wildcrafted: Wildcrafted understands that nature knows best. We appreciate their use of concentrated plant oils, such as hibiscus, rose, and berries in their clean-enough-to-eat skincare range. Of course, it’s all housed in 100% recyclable packaging.

InLight: Judges loved that all products are organic, and made by hand in the UK from plant-based oils. There’s science behind these products, too. In fact, they’re formulated by Dr Mariano Spiezia, who says:  ‘The body recognises the synergy in the molecular structure of our formulas and works with the active ingredients, bringing beauty to life.’

wildcrafted organicsinlight beauty

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