Positively Beautiful: Jes Maharry Jewellery

By Diane Small

What would you prefer to wear on your body: something brutally extracted from the earth  and manufactured in the factories of a large corporation, or something repurposed and lovingly made with intention? The answer should be obvious, but especially when it comes to highly personal items you wear daily, like your wedding or engagement rings, or other types of jewellery – and perhaps for that reason, the market for sustainable jewellery is certainly growing.

Amongst the increasing number of ethical jewellers, Jes Maharry stands out for her unique craftsmanship and positive approach to the entire production chain of her jewellery line. The designer has searched the globe for the earth’s rarest, most beautiful, and ancient elements, and now provides charms, rings, necklaces and earrings that she crafts in her studio from recycled metals, lead-free pewter and ethically sourced gemstones.

Driven by her belief that each bead, stone, charm, gem, thread, and raw recycled metal holds a distinctive power and story of its own, Jes strives to infuse her work with her own personal ethics.  From being socially responsible in both domestic and international purchasing of gems to supporting only suppliers who pay fair wages, the energy behind her creations is rooted in kindness and many claim to feel the positive energy behind them.

It’s especially important to have this energy radiating throughout wedding and engagement rings. For this reason, Jes only ever uses diamond suppliers that are part of the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), a process introduced by the United Nations in 2003 designed to insure that all rough cut diamonds originate from sources which are Conflict-Free.  Jes realises that  gemstones are often mined in developing nations where workers are easily exploited even despite the KPCS, so she  acquires her precious stones only from sources she knows to be socially responsible. They provide monthly medical camps, educational programs that ensure all minorities are provided proper education and are not forced into a life of labor at an early age.

Jes also donates a percentage of her profits to charities she respects and admirers, such as  Sea Shepherd and the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust – it’s clear that this woman is an animal lover, not only from her choice of charities, but also from the fact that she works out of Sun Horse Ranch, where she tends to her many animals.

Each piece Jes creates is 100% unique. We especially love the Shooting Star wedding band collection, which features tiny graffiti-like etchings of horses, stars and words, ultimately giving the rings an artistic touch reminiscent of Marc Chagall‘s romantic paintings. The way Jes embeds gemstones in roughly forged gold is reminiscent of Medieval jewellery styles that you may see in a museum; a concept that somehow connects us to our past. The raw beauty of the ruby and tanzanite Atlantis ring is a breathtaking example of this.

Although no two pieces that Jes makes are alike, if you’d like something specific made for you or a loved one, she is happy to take fully bespoke orders for charms, amulets, rings – you name it. Just give her the design details, material specifics and you’ll soon be provided with a personalised treasure that will last lifetime – all you need to do is remember to wear it with love.

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