Win A Piece of Eco Art: A Pangea Owl Sculpture Made in Africa

By Eluxe Staff

Pangea Sculptures make for the perfect indoor or outdoor decoration. Not only are these beautiful sculptures based on animals, but they support communities in Africa through The Ark Collective and help save the planet since they’re made of recycled materials.

Pangea Sculptures was set up in 2014 after its founder, Ian Unsworth, saw some wonderful sculptures being sold at the roadside whilst on a trip to Africa. He became fascinated with these artworks and met with the artist, Moses Ocheing, in his community in Nairobi. The Ark Collective, headed by design leader Ocheing, is today an artistic design team that creates powerful and striking true-to-life metal sculptures that are cherished by art lovers all over the world. Every animal sculpture is created by hand with incredible skill and attention to detail using reclaimed recycled sheet metals including old car parts and oil drums from large scrap heaps across the city that would otherwise be wasted.

Moses and his team make all their sculptures by hand, taking many hours to complete each piece. The Ark Collective produces a wide collection of animals from tall and elegant giraffes to magnificent life-size elephants to gorillas. Due to the way the sculptures are made no two pieces are alike, so every product from Pangea Sculptures is guaranteed to be unique.

Now, Pangea Sculptures would like to offer one lucky Eluxe reader the opportunity to experience these beautiful works of art in their home or garden by offering the very popular Owl sculpture. The large  owl makes a great feature in libraries, studies and conservatories. The owl is one of Pangea’s most popular bird sculptures and is instantly recognisable with its large eyes, prominent beak and impressive talons. The large owl stands at 2ft tall and is highly detailed with individual feathers, hooded eyes and pointed claws.

As well as being sustainable, eco friendly and beautiful works of art, the sculptures also sustain communities in Africa to help to provide a better quality of life, security and employment opportunities through The Ark Collective. Pangea Sculptures has committed to investing in local infrastructure including a new school and workshop studio so they are always giving something back to the community.

To enter, simply fill your details in the form below.

Competition ended February 19th 2018. Congrats to  Chelsea Gilliam-Ward!

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