The First Annual Eluxe Awards Are Coming!

By Chere Di Boscio

February 2017 marked the fourth anniversary of Eluxe Magazine, and we wanted to do something special.

After editing glossy luxury fashion magazines for many years, I started Eluxe because I became increasingly aware of a number of organic and natural beauty brands and sustainable fashion brands that were  simply outstanding – and yet, never received much press.

The fact is that huge conglomerates tend to overshadow smaller brands. They have the means to access wider audiences through mass media, can pay major stores to stock their products at the places most visible to consumers, and can charge less for their products due to economies of scale, and quite often, unethical manufacturing processes. It’s also a fact that it’s these same brands that are often lauded with awards, making them more attractive to consumers.  Whilst there are several awards out there, I was shocked to discover that there were NO sustainable luxury awards yet! I decided it was time to change that.

The Eluxe Awards is my way of giving an opportunity to give small, sustainable brands the credit they deserve. Any sustainable beauty or fashion brand can enter. The judging process is 100% merit based  and includes a panel of prestigious experts in the fields of ethical fashion and beauty including Sass Brown, Christina Dean, Vanessa Rae and more. Green Model Me founder Daniela Christiansson will announce the winners at Green Fashion Week in LA this April.

Benefits of the Awards are several: all brands will be mentioned on our Awards website, and if shortlisted, will receive a Nominee Badge to use on their websites and promotional materials, showing the world that they live up to Eluxe’s strict sustainability standards. Brands will also receive the attention of our judging panel, and if they win, they will be featured in a composite article in Eluxe and our sister sites, Green Model Me and the Bespoke Black Book, and will be awarded with  a Winner’s Badge. The announcement of the winners will be made at Green Fashion Week in LA on April 6th.

There is a small entry fee – but that is for two reasons. One, to cover the costs of our graphic and web designers and two, to stop random brands from flooding us with entries. The fee was set at a price that even the smallest brands can afford – it is not designed to be profit-making on Eluxe’s part.

I genuinely hope that the Eluxe Awards will bring more attention to deserving brands, and show the world that the old model of corporate brands colluding with huge corporate media is on the way out – a new, more independent world of eco-commerce is opening up, benefitting both people and the planet.

Sustainable brands, it’s your time to shine!

To enter for an award, please click here.  Entries close on March 27th, 2017. Winners will be announced by April 6th.


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