Carbon Neutral Beauty Brands Are Now A Thing

What are carbon neutral beauty brands? And why are they ready to disrupt the beauty industry?

By Gina Gambhir

First, it started with ‘clean’ beauty brand that were free of all nasties. We wanted natural deodorant, fluoride free toothpastes and paraben free shampoos.

But then that wasn’t good enough: organic beauty brands started trending. After awhile, we all wanted more than just organic ingredients in our skincare, and brands started calling themselves ‘zero waste’ as well. But even that wasn’t good enough, so the game got upped again. And that’s why carbon neutral beauty brands are trending.

It is, shall we say, a ‘beautiful’ thing that the brands we use to make ourselves prettier are ever-more eco-friendly. It feels like with zero waste, organic, carbon neutral skincare, we’re miles away from those nasty chemical creams that came in three layers of packaging and did slow damage to our health and the planet’s.

But what exactly are carbon neutral beauty brands?

You may already know, everything that we make, buy and sell leaves a carbon trail. Whether you believe in man-made global warming or not, the reality is that carbon usually relates to pollution. But when you encounter a carbon neutral beauty brand, its sorcery is zero net release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. But how can we be sure a brand is carbon neutral?

Well, Climate Neutral is a non-profit organisation working to reduce global carbon emissions. They certify brands as being carbon neutral after measuring their current carbon footprint and then advising on how they can offset it to zero.

If they can’t offset it through, say, planting carbon sinks or using only solar energy for production, brands will usually then have to purchase carbon credits instead to reach carbon neutrality.

Having carbon neutral beauty brands that are certified by organisations such as Climate Neutral makes the decision-making process much easier for those of us who care about the planet. When we buy carbon neutral beauty brands, we truly can make a difference!

Carbon Neutral Beauty Brands We Love


When it comes to carbon neutral beauty brands, we’re kicking things off with one of our faves! This vegan and sustainable skincare brand – founded by a mother and daughter duo – mixes their expertise with natural chemistry. OSEA produces a range of skincare that is potent and enriched with powerful bioavailable minerals and nutrients that are readily absorbed and intended to nourish and rejuvenate skin cells.

This heavenly skincare brand not only promises to deliver results, but they are working hard to help decrease global emissions. As a business, sustainability is at the forefront of all they do, so they’re especially conscious of the environmental impacts of the beauty industry. The ethical family-owned business has been passionate about reducing its impact – creating products that are good for you and good for the planet. This is why they are working to measure, offset and reduce all of the carbon required to make their innovative range by early 2021.


Patchology is a brand that committed to becoming carbon neutral last year. This means they’re working hard to measure, offset and reduce all of the carbon it takes to produce their products and to also deliver them.

This goes hand in hand with the fast-paced ethos of the brand, which was formed around the idea of creating innovative products to suit any busy schedule. Whatever your speed, Patchology was made to fit your life. So, if all you’ve got is 5 minutes spare – they provide products to deliver quick fixes while remaining kind to both skin and planet. And of course, they’re super budget-friendly, too!

Plant People

With a name like Plant People, it’s no surprise that this brand really cares for the planet. So much so, they plant a tree for every single product sold. To date, the mushroom, CBD and herb based beauty brand has planted over 150,000 trees, and are committed to restoring natural environments.

Plant People is added to the carbon neutral beauty brands that we love due to the fact they’re 100% carbon neutral across their supply chain. This made possible by the fact they measure and offset their goods, production and distribution for a greener world for all.

They also offer a reduce, reuse and recycle programme. They use 75% recycled glass and minimal plastic, and any packaging carrying the Forest Stewardship Certified Seal represents zero deforestation, environmental protection, Indigenous people’s rights and fair wage and work environments.


Yay! Carbon neutral beauty brands also include makeup! Your quest for dewy skin, voluminous lashes and glossy lips need go no further. Whilst it champions numerous best sellers, you may have heard of their Mascara 101? It’s a best seller, for a reason!

They are full steam ahead on their carbon neutral policy as they purchase carbon credits to offset all transport emissions associated with their product assortment. No-flake mascara, no flake on their promise – this is our kinda brand!


Nécessaire makes only what is, well, necessary for your beauty routine. Body washes, moisturisers….you get the drift.  The brand is committed to improving its manufacturing emissions by changing its current line of plastic tube and bottle materials from the clean plastics it uses today to bio-resins and/or partial post-consumer waste resins in the future.

Nécessaire will also improve its transport emissions by extending its shipping eco-system into a dual-location platform in the United States, thus lowering carbon emissions in getting its product to its clients. For the past few years, the entire carbon footprint of the brand has been offset by using verified carbon credits.


We live in a fast-paced world, where waiting is something few of us can do. But the beauty brand teaching us that waiting is a labour of universal love towards the beauty of life is aptly named WA:IT. The pioneering beauty brand unites two cultures – Italian and Japanese – through its holistic approach to skincare. In the pursuit of uniting and balancing an individual’s inner well-being as well as their outer beauty, the clean beauty brand is highlighting how attentive the beauty industry can be to the environment we live in.

This year, WA:IT became the first European beauty brand to attain carbon-negative status. The brand strives to offset its carbon footprint via the support of efforts to restore ecosystems and agricultural communities as well as the restoration of healthy water cycles and grassland biodiversity.

All Good

As their name suggests, All Good is a brand committed to making everybody better, using their business as a platform for good. From their sunscreen packaging being made from post-consumer recycled plastic to their headquarters being powered by 100% renewable energy, to their 2020 goal to be 100% carbon neutral.

All Good is currently working on further alternative packaging options, while seeking more ingredients from their products made from projects dedicated to regenerative farming in indigenous communities. They’re also hoping to reduce unnecessary extra miles of shipping.


Tropic is a multi-award-winning range of skincare and beauty products that have all been handmade in the UK using some of the most innovative, effective ingredients that nature has to offer. But their loyalty to nature extends beyond the products they make.

Tropic is not only a certified carbon neutral company but one that has doubled its offset emissions since 2018! They recently moved into a new HQ and power their offices with renewable energy, with heat from the manufacturing machines warming their offices on the floor above.

Tropic sent zero waste to landfill both in 2019 and 2020. On top of this, the brand has also managed to fund conversation work in the Amazonian rainforest and helped to protect 65,000 hectares of trees from unsustainable palm oil conversions in Indonesia.


Prima knows all too well how toxic the modern world can be, especially when it comes to the products we use on our skin. Unapologetically strict about their safety standards, nature – combined with the best science and health experts – is harnessed and celebrated in every aspect of Prima.

Prima is 100% carbon neutral across its entire operations and supply chain. This means that, as a company, the brand works to measure, reduce and offset its entire carbon footprint. They are also working to improve the recyclability profile of their packaging and are working towards using fewer virgin materials and more recycled content.


Since 2006, Davines has made offsetting and mitigating its carbon emissions a top priority, this includes achieving a carbon neutral production site to packaging that’s 100% compensated. In an effort to continue this mission towards a beauty industry that is truly sustainable, they recently announced that they’re offering US consumers the opportunity to have carbon neutral shipping.

The brand has also released its first 100% carbon neutral shampoo. The A Single Shampoo is kind to the planet and your hair and works to gently cleanse and add moisture to even the dullest of locks.

Neighbourhood Botanicals

It’s beauty that’s out with the greenwashing, and well, just simply about being green! A fun fact for the beauty geeks – this was the first UK beauty brand to go carbon neutral, and pledges to be offsetting twice the carbon they emit. Now, that is impressive!

Their products range from toiletries, essentials to aromatherapy and are mostly made from cold-pressed and raw plant oils. This small yet rising brand is the perfect advocate that small steps can lead to big changes. Plus, it’s one of our favourite carbon neutral beauty brands due to their awesome packaging and clever product names!

Vintner’s Daughter

The much-hyped Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical serum belongs to this visionary brand. Their ethos is to simplify your skincare regime. They believe one powerful product can deliver a myriad of benefits, which means fewer products are needed, fewer are produced and fewer natural resources are used. It’s skincare nutrition in a bottle, and it promises to amplify your skin’s power to regenerate, balance and repair. 

This is another of the carbon neutral beauty brands that offsets its annual emissions by purchasing carbon credits through The Conservation Fund. They also offer sustainable packaging initiatives, including boxes made from 80% post-consumer recycled materials for FSC certified board. The brand also prints with eco-friendly ink and uses recyclable glass bottles.


What goes around, comes back around. This is the philosophy of the niche soap brand, KANKAN. It’s certainly one that sticks. Their range is not just for the delights of adults but for babies, too, with their soothing baby wash infused with chamomile and lavender. Why not start them young? With products handmade in the UK using natural and sustainable ingredients, their mission is to repair what’s damaged as well as to stop the contribution to carbon. And they really do practise what they preach! As part of their ongoing commitment to being carbon neutral, KANKAN has also partnered with One Tree Planted, which plants a tree for every can sold.



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