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Tried and Tested: Evamar

By Chere Di Boscio

It’s not uncommon for my friends to suddenly drag their hands across my face. Some attack me with tissues, whilst others will even lick their fingers and touch my face. Why? I’m constantly streaked by white smears of SPF.

I wear the stuff every day. Rain or shine. Winter or summer. As a result, my skin is fairly unwrinkled and relatively creamy, especially for a woman far past her 30th birthday. The problem is finding a non-chemical SPF that doesn’t leave those darned white blotches.

Evamar Skincare Solutions is, literally, the solution. All of their products contain nothing but the most natural ingredients, and most contain some kind of SPF, none of which left any traces of white on my face.

Honey Day & Night

Take their Pure Honey Rich Day Cream, also known as My New Favourite Thing. This thick, sweet smelling concoction has an SPF of 25, glides on like a dream and hydrates even the driest skin. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it also boasts the anti-bacterial properties of the pure honey it contains, and so is recommended for acne prone complexions. My skin was left plump and healthy looking, and the makeup I put on top of it stayed intact all day.

Research shows that at night, skin cells focus on repairing and restoring themselves from the effects of the environment, so Evamar created a range of special night creams and serums with higher levels of active ingredients. Β I tested the Β Pro Age Vitamin Boosting Serum SPF 25 with natural organic Aloe Vera, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid, Organic Argan oil and Willow Bark.

This had a much lighter texture than the Honey Cream, and a scent to match–rather than the heady, golden fragrance of honey, this is reminiscent of refreshing, blue ocean sprays. Β The main ingredient here, Hyaluronic acid, has been promoted as the ‘fountain of youth’–it occurs naturally in our skin and joints, but as we age, our body produces less. Hyaluronic acid actually helps the cells in your skin absorb and retain moisture, acting as a space filler by binding to water, hence plumping out fine lines and wrinkles; in fact, this is the acid that is injected into skin by dermatologists to fill in wrinkles. I did find that the serum kept my skin looking plump, even after sleeping in dehydrating air conditioning all night.

COQ10 Night

Another anti-ageing ingredient Evamar uses is Coenzyme Q10. This is found in every living cell in the body, but unfortunately it decreases with age, resulting in our cells losing their ability to protect our skin from UV damage. This product was also lighter than the honey based one, but slightly heavier than the serum. Because Coenzyme Q is perfect for helping skin recover rom sun damage, it’s the ideal cream to apply in the evenings on summer holidays, which is exactly what I did.

It does seem a bit strange that even Evamar’s night creams, including this one, contain SPFs, but then I remembered that the gorgeous 80-year old modelling icon, Carmen Dell’Orifice said that she puts on a cream with SPFs at night so she is ensured protection from the sun in the morning. Seems to work for her…


Finally, I tried the company’s version of Argan oil. This is the ‘miracle’ oil from Morocco that can help everything from stretch marks and eczema to fine lines and sunburn. I’ve tried many such oils, but there were two things about this one I particularly liked: one, the fact that it went on completely dry. It’s the least ‘oily’ oil I’ve ever tried; almost more serum than an oil. Secondly, I loved that it was in a spray bottle. Not only is this, like the glass flacons the creams come in, fully recyclable, but it also makes the oil so easy to apply: you can spritz it on the body or face or ends of hair without dripping the product all over the bathroom tiles.

In sum then, for anyone as paranoid as sun damage as I am, or for those who are a bit worried about the changes Father Time is making to their face, I believe Evamar’s skincare range is a must. Its powerful but all-natural ingredients, including Argan oil, Hyaluronic acid, Coenzyme Q and pure honey are effective, and the creams feel luxurious on the skin.

Best of all, Evamar’s excellent SPF creams will never cause your friends to lick their fingers and wipe your face in public.

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