Tried and Tested: Amala

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By Chere Di Boscio

For most small, organic brands, the effectiveness of their skin care products isn’t scientifically tested, as this type of research costs more money than a small brand can afford. However,  Ute Leube, the founder of Amala, has ensured that her line of skin care has been tested by esteemed dermatologists, and the results are impressive.


Amala skincare treatments are made from plant-based formulas of 100% natural origin, all of which are clinically tested by a third party laboratory in Germany, which specialises in skincare. The clinical test results for each formula tested for performance are summarised in Amala’s product page on their website, for anyone who is interested in seeing them. Some of the results are beyond positive: for example,  100% of women in the studies who tried Amala’s Rejuvinate Serum said they experienced a significant improvement in the depth of lines and wrinkles.

Intrigued, I tried the Brightening Face Polish. This scrub contains a  blend of bio-botanical actives to exfoliate pigmented surface cells while strengthening skin’s ability to resist new dark spots. The label said I needed to use this twice a week for four weeks to see firming results, and 8 weeks to see a better skin tone. I only used it twice a week for two weeks, so it’s hard to say what the long term results will be, but I can tell you about the product itself.  

First of all, it smells light and fresh…like daffodils. And in fact, the main ingredient is narcissus, which apparently  has the ability to slow down the synthesis of melanin, the skin pigment that leads to dark spots.

Algae Extract of Norwegian Kelp and a variety of Alpine herbs also  help inhibit melanin production, while protecting the skin with antioxidants.  


The texture of the product was fine-grained and creamy; it went on the skin easily and lightly and rinsed off completely with a few splashes of water. No tightness was felt afterwards, and my skin did look brighter and fresher. I am hoping in the long term, the small brown spots I am starting to see (the result of sun damage) will fade away, but I need to wait a few more months to see results. Unfortunately, I could not see any Clinical Results for this product on the Amala website, and after 6 weeks of use, I didn’t see any results for myself.

There is a second product Amala created to help brighten skin: their  Brightening Toning Essence. This is a toning spray packaged in a beautiful glass bottle. Made from bio-botanical active ingredients, the product is meant to help balance skin’s pH levels and prepare the skin for brightening creams, which I must also try one day.

With Raspberry Seed and Algae Extract as the main ingredients, the product helps exfoliate skin, speed up cellular turnover, and lighten pigmented spots. Again, I didn’t use this long enough to see such results, but it did refresh and tone my skin notably, and like the scrub, its scent is as light and fresh as a spring day.


Indeed, Amala is something of a scent specialist. The brand doesn’t just make skincare products–their organic and natural ingredients are also used in their aromatherapy range as well.

I don’t use perfumed detergents in my laundry, so a  few spritzes of the therapeutic Amala Rose room and linen mist can not only make my sheets smell pretty, but apparently it can also help stress relief–Turkish Rose is renowned for its calming properties and classic aroma. I also spray this in my closet to perk up the way my clothes smell. Rich and delicious!

The last product I tried was also a scent-based one: the Peppermint Roll. I have always loved the smell of fresh mint. As a child, a beloved aunt walked me through her herb garden and crushed a few leaves between my fingers. What I smelled was refreshing, sweet and earthy, just like this roll on aromatherapy stick, which I now take to the gym to cover up the smell of sweaty people around me, and to boost my running power–I find this scent extremely energising! Adore this product the most, in fact.

Overall, Amala’s products are completely natural, smell divine and are packaged beautifully. The clinical testing the brand is so proud of could be clearer to customers–I didn’t find the results for the products I tried–but given that Amala’s product researchers have included ingredients based on their healing properties bodes well for the effectiveness of the products.

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Chere Di Boscio
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