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Tried and Tested: PeachyKeen Organics

You know that when your beauty products come with a hand-written ‘use by’ date, they simply couldn’t be more natural, and such is the case with PeachyKeen organics.

All handmade in Britain, the products are based on the now somewhat radical idea that natural products can provide much more nourishment for our skin than anything chemically based. The ingredients on the labels are often under ten items, and in some cases, just one! So obviously, no nasties, and best of all, the ingredients that are used are organic.


I began with the the Face Oil, which is one of those singular ingredient products, and contains only Rosehip oil. Instructions were to rub onto a cleansed face and neck. I was initially a bit wary of this, as oils can be quite heavy and even sometimes leave a mess on my pillow, but this was as quickly absorbed as a serum, and left my skin plump, but not at all oily. Rosehip is rich in retinoids and Vitamin A, nourishing cell growth and protecting skin from free radicals, so I am confident that using this every night will have a firming effect.

I didn’t need to use the Face Balm for dry skin after that, but when I opened the product, I was surprised to see it wasn’t a balm at all, but had literally melted into an oil, topping a lump of Shea butter. The same thing happened to the Vanilla and Bergamont body butter. When the label says ‘with melting coconut and cocoa butter’, they really aren’t kidding! This stuff melts–keep it in the fridge! Even after solidifying it in the cold for a bit, the balm and butter went on my legs and arms more like an oil than a cream, and after a few days, the separation of the ingredients in the products was, sadly, irreparable.


The Hand Soother, which smelled like an English garden after the rain, with its geranium and lavender notes, fared much better and stayed consistently solid. It goes on a bit grainier, but the results are wonderfully smooth hands. I also rubbed a bit of this on the tips of my hair (in need of a cut!) and was impressed with how sleek it left it, too.

My favourite product in this range is the Calm Balm. Smelling of refreshing peppermint, this is a thick balm for trouble spots. I put it on my elbows and heels, which had cracked a bit after yet another high-heel disaster, and this did indeed have an immediately calming effect. I only wish the little pot of this I had were larger! The results are exactly like the famed Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden, but without the chemicals. I’m definitely very keen on this particular product from PeachyKeen.

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To see our video on why using only natural cosmetics is important, click here.

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