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Tried and Tested: Lavera Makeup

By Alice Miller

After reading about the harmful effects of parabens, which include endocrine disruption, cancer, birth defects and organ damage, I decided to bin all the cosmetics in my cupboard that contained them. Hundreds of Euros worth of skin creams, shower gels, hair conditioners and other items were duly trashed. ‘Finally!’ I thought, ‘I’m starting to live a healthier, paraben-free life’.


So imagine my horror when I found out I was actually  eating parabens, every single day. Not through food, but through lipstick.

Oops. While I carefully scrutinised every ingredient of all my skin care products, I forgot to do so for cosmetics. And lipstick is not only one of the worst carriers of parabens, but it’s something I smear all over my mouth. Every single day.

Disgusted, I looked for chemical-free alternatives, and luckily I found Lavera.

Lavera has a comprehensive range of products, from skincare to suncreams to makeup. Beauty expert Lisa Eldridge  once commented that natural beauty lines often lack hip shades, but she clearly hasn’t seen what Lavera has to offer–I was impressed with the variety. I decided to go with Red Berry Charm, which is a trendy shade of bright poppy red. Created  from all natural pigments and blended with an infusion of organic extract of roses, lime blossom and mallow, it glided on easily and left a strong colour impression for several hours. The only downside is that it seemed a bit drying, but then again, it is the dead of winter and my lips are always dry anyway.



Impressed with the lippy, I decided to try a blusher too.


There are three shades to choose from, and I chose the plum, which seems best for my skin tone. Conveniently packaged to include a brush in the two-level compact, the product is made from Orange Blossom oil and natural minerals. It brushed on lightly, and didn’t feel too powdery. Perhaps it was the Orange Blossom oil, or perhaps it was the cool dryness of the day, but it seemed to last for hours with no problems.

I was quite impressed with the two products I tried from Lavera’s range and I plan on buying more, especially lipsticks. Unfortunately, not all shops carry this brand, but if you decide, as I did, to trash all your chemical cosmetics, you can purchase Lavera products here.

To see our video on why natural cosmetics are important to your health, click here.  







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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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