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Tried and Tested: Facial Freedom

By Chere Di Boscio

Not many beauty brands can honestly say that all their ingredients are certified organic, but Brittanies Thyme is certainly an exception.

Every product in the range is so chemical free, there are actually warnings on the packaging not to eat them (ok, they may be organic, but they may not be free of bugs that may cause digestive problems, apparently). After reading the labels, it’s understandable why people may want to make this stuff into a shake: ground almonds, oatmeal, citrus oils, and aloe vera are just a few of the potentially delicious ingredients.

I tried a variety of products: the facial cleanser, toner and protective moisturiser, the facial scrub and the French green clay mask. Here’s what I experienced:



Facial cleanser: as this is based mainly on aloe vera, the texture was a bit slimy, and didn’t take off make up very well. Then I read the literature: the products are mainly for men and teens. Sure enough, when I let my husband try this, he loved, and I mean, LOVED it–in fact, he has since ‘stolen’ the whole range from me!

Facial toner: the main ingredient here is witch hazel, with added rose water and peppermint oil. The toner left my skin cleaner than before, without stripping its natural oils–it also left a lovely scent on my skin. I must steal this back from my husband.

Protective moisturiser: this is surprisingly, an oil, but it does go on ‘dry’, without leaving any greasy residue. Great for dry skins, I would imagine. I also used this on my body, with great results.

Facial scrub: a simple blend of almonds and oatmeal, it’s perfect for hands and body as well. Very gentle, and as you add water yourself, you can make it as thick or as runny as you like. I also combined mine with a few drops of the moisturiser, which left my skin plump and refreshed, with no redness whatsoever.

French green clay mask: I’m sure there wasn’t a single grain of dirt left in my pores after using this easy-to-use but slightly messy product. The husband, again, was enamoured and this now sits on his side of the bathroom shelf. I think he actually pretends he’s some kind of commando guerilla in the jungles of Cambodia or something when he smears this on his face. But don’t quote me on that.

Overall, I loved how totally natural these products are, and I will certainly keep using the facial toner and moisturiser, but I now understand why this range is aimed at men and teens: the results do seem better on masculine skins, and the packaging isn’t quite as ‘glam’ as most women would desire. That said, I just discovered Brittanies Thyme has produced a more ‘feminine’ range, called Mindful Beauty, which I can’t wait to try!

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