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8 Easy Steps To The Perfect Legs For Summer

By Arwa Lodhi Barefoot and beach body weather is upon us, and so getting smooth, healthy feet and legs a priority. We have some tips for keeping them silky and glowing for summer weddings, poolside chilling and sultry date…

Beauty Skincare

Are Dermal Fillers Vegan Friendly?

By Shannon Leeman It’s a fact that with age, many women lament that their faces have become squarer and more masculine, with flatter contours, thinner lips, and deeper wrinkles. But it’s not only more ‘mature’ women who sometimes wish to change…

Beauty Skincare

DNA Skincare For OMG Skin: Geneu

By Anna Van Der Heidjen Many beauty brands claim to have found the perfect skincare formula for everyone. But lets be honest – no two skins are the exactly same, so and ideal skin solution that suits everyone doesn’t really exist.…

Beauty Skincare

The All Natural Botox Alternative: Glotox

By Chere Di Boscio Doctor Gabriela Mercik didn’t start out caring much about aesthetic medicine. She spent 17 years in cardiology and internal medicine, with a speciality in heart transplants, and swiftly rose to become one of Poland’s leading…

Beauty Skincare

Loco for Coco! 12 Organic Coconut Based Beauty Products

By Anna van der Heidjen Coconuts have always been associated with beach holidays, but today, they’re being associated with health and beauty, too. And no wonder – with their natural antioxidant, hydrating, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, coconuts can do a lot…

Beauty Skincare

9 Great Ayurvedic Beauty Brands To Try

By Supriya Talupuru After enjoying 5000 years of popularity in the East, Ayurveda is becoming a big beauty trend in the West. A system of natural healing that originated in India, Ayurveda is designed to balance the body through the correct…