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How Ayurveda Can Help Your Skin This Winter

By Dr Charlotte Bech Ayurveda is an ancient and highly personalized approach to health. Knowing your mind-body type can help you to make optimal choices about the right diet, exercise, supplements, and even skincare options for you. You can learn…

Beauty Skincare

8 Easy Steps To The Perfect Legs For Summer

By Arwa Lodhi Barefoot and beach body weather is upon us, and so getting smooth, healthy feet and legs a priority. We have some tips for keeping them silky and glowing for summer weddings, poolside chilling and sultry date…

Beauty Skincare

Are Dermal Fillers Vegan Friendly?

By Shannon Leeman It’s a fact that with age, many women lament that their faces have become squarer and more masculine, with flatter contours, thinner lips, and deeper wrinkles. But it’s not only more ‘mature’ women who sometimes wish to change…