10 Organic Beauty Brands Worth The Splurge

Yep, they do cost more. But aren’t these organic beauty brands worth the splurge a luxury you deserve?

By Katy Carik

There can be little doubt that organic skincare costs more than supermarket brands. But, why bother paying those prices, you may be asking?

Well, actually, there are lots of reasons.

First of all, conventional beauty brands are packed with chemicals. These can include parabens, fragrance and phthalates, which can cause not only skin irritations and allergies, but even cancer over time.

Secondly, organic products actually contain ingredients that are truly good for you. Think of it this way: regular grooming products are like junk food. They may not harm you immediately, and they may be awesome in the moment. But really, they’re not doing anything beneficial for you in the long run.

Organic products, on the other hand, provide enriching vitamins and minerals to your skin, protecting it, feeding it, and helping it restore its glow.

Finally, buying organic cosmetics means you’re not likely to have much of a reaction to them. Whilst some natural oils may trigger allergies (think: almond oil for those with sensitivities to nuts), on the whole, they’re far less likely to leave you irritated and inflamed.

Consumer, beware!

But the fact remains that we consumers have to be really careful. Because organics are not only more expensive, but they’re also often mislabelled.

For example, depending on the country and their regulations, a brand that only uses a tiny amount of organic ingredients can call itself ‘organic’. And even if they have zero organic ingredients, may brands try to fool consumers by using words like ‘botanics’ or ‘organix’ in their name.

In fact, you can read all about how another great organic brand, Dr Bronner, called out those fake organic brands through a lawsuit – and won!

So, which brands are actually organic? And of those, which are worth the investment?

Here, I’ve chosen 10 organic beauty brands worth the splurge. My choices were based on their efficacy, beauty, and global availability online.

Prepare to pamper yourself with natural ingredients, beautiful scents – and gorgeous packaging, too!

10 Organic Beauty Brands Worth The Splurge

Neom Organics

1. Neom Organics

Based on expertly blended natural fragrances, Neom Organic’s products all use only the purest essential oils to help you sleep better, stress less, and boost your beauty.

From skin creams and shower gels to candles and pillow sprays, all of their organic offerings are ethically sourced and are free of all nasty chemicals, always. What’s more: they support a charity called Action for Happiness. This aims to build a happier and more caring society with scientific-led, world class expertise in the field of wellbeing.

What they make: Gorgeously scented body oils, creams, balms, candles and diffusers

Price range: $18 – $200

Why it’s an organic beauty brand worth the splurge: We could all use some stress relief, right? Neom Organics is perfect for improving your wellbeing with their toxic-free products.
Neom Organics



2. Tata Harper Skincare

Tata Harper uses only the freshest ingredients, many of which she grows herself on her certified organic Vermont farm. these include plants such as witch hazel, jasmine, and alfalfa. Her goal? To create 100% natural and non-toxic skincare that really works!

Her diverse line includes serums, creams, eye creams, body and hand lotions and much more. The price point may not be low, but the efficiency of these products makes them worth it.

What they make: A fully comprehensive range of facial and body care products.
Price range: From $40 – $450
Why it’s an organic beauty brand worth the splurge: Not only does the brand have a slew of celebrity endorsers with enviable skin, but this luxe brand preps skin for maximum absorption so you’ll really reap the rewards!

Organic Beauty Brands Worth The Splurge

3. Kahina Giving Beauty

This range of nutrient-packed natural beauty products sources its all-organic ingredients from Moroccan cooperatives. Their goal is to support the Berber women who extract oil from local Argan nuts by hand.

Argan and other rare oils form the basis of most of Kahina Giving’s range. Their pure, organic ingredients and minimalist packaging have made this a favourite brand for those with sensitive skin and a sense of clean aesthetics.

What they make: Eye creams, face creams, serums, body oils and facial oils for both men and women
Price range: $36 – $150
Why it’s an organic beauty brand worth the splurge: Not only does the brand give back, but their all-organic ingredients provide noticeable, positive effects. The whole range is kind to your skin, even if it’s mature or sensitive.


Organic Beauty Brands Worth The Splurge

4. Bamford Organics

A favourite with British celebrities like Sienna Miller and Kate Moss, Bamford Organics is based at the Daylesford Farm and Spa in the Cotswolds. Their creams, shower gels, soaps and more are all hand-made there.

These natural artisanal, organic products include luxurious soaps and heavenly scented bath oils, all of which make lovely gifts.

What they make: Haircare, body creams, candles and bath oils and more. In short, the best products for a luxury pamper session at home!
Price range: $25 – $55
Why it’s an organic beauty brand worth the splurge: We love their gorgeous green glass packaging and rich, natural scents.

Organic Beauty Brands Worth The Splurge


5. African Botanics

A sustainable skincare line inspired by the African continent. African Botanics bases their skincare chemistry around ancient African phytochemistry and traditional African medicines. This combination of science and tradition works wonders on the skin, as African women have known for generations.

The ingredients used are all sustainably sourced from South Africa’s Fynbos region. There, antioxidant-rich plants and natural resources are naturally abundant. In our opinion, this is one of the organic beauty brands worth the splurge for their stunningly minimalist glass packaging alone!

What they make: Anything your skin needs. Body creams, cleansers, toners, night creams, you name it!
Price range: $65 – $300


Why it’s an organic beauty brand worth the splurge: This is ancient African skincare knowledge in a (very chic) bottle!

Organic Beauty Brands Worth The Splurge

6. Kora Organics

Owned by supermodel Miranda Kerr,  Kora Organics was launched when the former Victoria’s Secret angel couldn’t find effective enough skincare products with organic ingredients. Today, her entire range is crafted in Australia and packed full of certified organic ingredients, like Rosehip Oil, Noni, Chamomile, and Macrobiotic Salts sourced from the Pacific Ocean in Australia.

What they make: Skincare! Whether it’s toner, oil, face cream, body cream, facial serum, cleanser or eye cream, there’s a holy grail product there for you.
Price range: $23 – $74
Why it’s an organic beauty brand worth the splurge: Who could argue with a supermodel? Kerr swears she only uses her own products on her skin. That’s testimonial enough for us!

Kora Organics


7. Aurelia Probiotic Skincare

Probiotic Skincare is now a serious ‘thing’ – and no wonder. It focuses on retaining the natural bacteria present on the surface of the skin, ensuring your skin’s ecosystem is not harmed.

Aurelia Probiotics is truly a master of doing this. Through the use of probiotics, their products work by reducing the damage everyday life brings to your skin and work to activate your cells’ natural repair process.

What they make: Luxury skincare of all kinds that’s ideal for sensitive, allergy-prone skin.
Price range: $28.50 – $117
Why it’s an organic beauty brand worth the splurge: All products use a unique probiotic extract technology. This works to calm the natural immune triggers in the skin. Plus, probiotics naturally boost collagen production!

Organic Beauty Brands Worth The Splurge

8. One Love Organics

One Love Organics is a brand you can truly trust with your skin and health. Specialising in holistic skincare packed with vitamins and antioxidants, their innovative skincare uses the healing power of plants to help your skin look fresh and radiant.

OLO makes skincare that you can love, depend on and enjoy using every single day. Their items may be crafted with simplicity in mind, but they deliver healthy and glowing skin while being mindful of the planet, are cruelty-free and also use safe and clean ingredients.

What they make: From cleansers, toners and serums, they have everything to make your skin happy and healthy.
Price range: $42 – $78

Why it’s an organic beauty brand worth the splurge: OLO makes sure every single ingredient has a serious, tangible benefit. That means no fillers, bases or shortcuts. Only high quality plant powdered ingredients!

9. Dr Alkaitis

With his scientific knowledge and expertise in botany, Dr. Alkaitis knows how to fuse science with nature. His biodynamic, organic and high-quality skin and hair care line is one of the best around.

This brand strives to produce plant-based formulations that support a cellular and biological function, thus always supporting the skin and hair’s natural processes.

What they make: Skincare and shampoos that help support regenerative processes – it’s like food for the skin and hair!
Price range: $55 – $195
Why it’s an organic beauty brand worth the splurge: Alkaitis products aren’t developed for fixed hair or skin types. Instead, they use adaptogenic plants that naturally bring your beauty back to balance.

10. Baroque & Rose

Created by a renowned spa owner, aesthetician and makeup artist, Baroque & Rose fills in an important gap within the industry. Namely, a luxurious unisex, organic, vegan product line which is perfectly geared towards men and women of all ethnicities.

What they make: Masks, cleansers, toners, creams – which work almost as well as dermal fillers!
Price range: $100 – $300

Why it’s an organic beauty brand worth the splurge: These products contain sophisticated ingredients that are organically extracted. For example? Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, and Tocopherol.


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