3 Natural Cupcake Soap Brands Good Enough To Eat

By Diane Small

Cupcake soaps are representative of a new trend: rather than gifting friends with actual calorie laden cakes, delicious-smelling, skin friendly soaps in beautiful packages are the preferred option for body-conscious fashionistas.

Really realistic ones made from all natural materials and scents aren’t easy to find. But here, are 3 of the best natural cupcake soap brands you can buy right now.


Planet Yum

Planet Yum offers a whole new world of sweet bathroom items! They make cupcake soaps from goat’s milk, and they have the most delicious fragrances. Topped with a blend of sun-ripened black raspberries and a sweet touch of vanilla, their gorgeous cupcake soaps seem literally good enough to eat, and add a touch of fun to any bathroom.



Sugar Bubbles Bakery

Sugar Bubbles Bakery hails from Canada. The founder, appropriately named Candy, is not only a soap maker, but also a Master Esthetician, Clinical Esthetician, and Aromatherapist. Needless to say, her colourful, pastry-shop worthy soapy treats smell absolutely divine!

Her handmade goodies are painstakingly formulated – it can take up to a year to get the recipe right – and are tested on friends, family and loved ones – never animals.

Pure Bath and Body

Also found in Canada, Pure Natural Luxuries offers up some scrumptious sounding soaps. Samantha Tang, the young woman who owns the brand, combines her love of  baking and a passion for organic products  in this stunning soap brand that includes mouthwatering scents like Almond Latte, Cranberry & Fig and Chocolate Cream Pie.

Inspired by cupcakes she sees in bakeries, they soap maker says “Natural soaps are important to me because our skin is our largest organ, and what you put on your skin absorbs in a matter of seconds. Certain preservatives and chemicals can stay in our bodies for a very long time…our body is our temple, and we should treat it with love and respect. A good way to start is by switching to natural products.”

We couldn’t agree more. Our bodies are our temples, and that’s why all cupcakes in our homes should be in organic soap form, not sugared.

cupcake soaps

Main image: Pure Bath & Body


Diane Small
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