The Natural Birth Control Apps You Need To Know About

By Lora O’Brien

I think we’re at the stage where we need to have the talk. You know, the talk. The sex  talk. Whilst some may find the topic utterly horrifying, we’re all women, right? There’s no reason why we shouldn’t feel comfortable talking about sex, especially when it comes to both our health and our body. But sex, you ask? How can that be bad for the body? Well, the short answer is: it’s not. Sex is a natural act between two consenting adults – or more! Hey, we’re not here to judge your sexual escapades and preferences. But we are here to talk about  contraception and its impact on your health.

Around 150 million women worldwide take birth control pills. And why wouldn’t they? Birth control is an easy way to enjoy sex in a relationship without the implications of unwanted pregnancy. And it’s not just for better sex – birth control hormones  are used as a preventative measure against all kinds of womanly symptoms, from acne, irregular periods to severe cramping and spotting, and it’s pretty easy to get them. All you do is pop to see your GP and s/he’ll prescribe you the most suitable ones for you and you’re all set. But these are synthetic hormones that you’re placing into your body. How much do you really know about them?

How does ‘The Pill’ work?

When we use birth control as a means of regulating our periods or to prevent acne, we’re laying a quick-fix  foundation over the cause of these problems. Instead of reaching for the pills, you need to really dig deep to find the underlying cause of your hormonal issues. But many of us choose the pill as a means of preventing pregnancy – but keep in mind that the pill is not a way to practice safe sex – you may not get a baby, but you may get something far nastier.

There are over 30 different variations of pills with different hormonal blends of mainly progesterone and estrogen for women to choose from. Then there’s the contraceptive implant (no thanks), contraceptive injections – both of which have been known to cause potentially serious issues like stroke and blood clots, as we shall see more of, below, but you can also check this source.

So, how does female contraception work? Basically of all the synthetic estrogen in the pill stops our body from producing two of the hormones are are involved in our menstrual cycle: these are Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Luteinising Hormone (LH). This  process works by preventing our womanly eggs from both ripening and ovulating.  Then, synthetic progesterone builds a thicker wall of mucus at the entrance of our wombs. This is so that sperm can’t get through to fertilise our eggs. At the same time, it thins the lining of the uterus, making it difficult for a fertilized egg to implant itself. Sounds a little bit unnatural, no?

Natural Birth Control Apps

How safe is it?

Before we get into  the more severe side effects, let’s just start with the most common ones that women experience: ballooning breasts, weight gain, skin conditions like oiliness, stronger mood swings, and lowered libido. In fact, it can have you damn right repulsed by the idea of sexual intercourse, which can have a knock on effect with relationships, obviously.

Some of that may not seem so scary, but  it can get a whole lot scarier. Not only can birth control plague you with severe migraines, depression, vaginal dryness, hair loss, higher blood pressure, yeast overgrowth and urinary infections (as if we women don’t suffer enough when we’re bleeding for seven days straight) the pill and hormonal implants can also increase the risks of blood clotting and even the risk of heart attacks and strokes.  

Professor Erik Odeblad, who has studied the effects of the pill on the cervix for some time now, states that the rates of which people are discovering complications after years of using the pill and coil are rising. According to him, each year the pill is taken, the cervix ages by an extra year. Horrified yet? I know I am!

Natural Birth Control Apps

More natural contraceptives

Over long periods of time, these synthetic means of contraception are damaging to our health. A natural solution must be found!

Condoms are always a safe option and also prevent diseases like HIV/AIDS, herpes and reduce your chances of cervical cancer. However, they’re not always 100% fail proof. Accidents happen, babies are born and your (sex) life is on hold for the foreseeable future. But what if there was a way to use contraception in a manner that didn’t take its toll on your body or your health? Allow me to introduce to you to the new, tech assisted birth control methods that are gentle to your body and actually WORK.

Lady Comp

The Lady-Comp was developed in Germany with a whole team of gynecologists behind it alongside software specialists, electronics experts and designers. In short, this is a product was created by people highly knowledgeable about fertility!

Lady-Comp not only has science to back it up, it’s hormone-free, 100% natural with premium effectiveness that is as good as, if not even better, than any harmful or intrusive forms of contraception that you’re using now. So whether you’re trying to monitor when to start a family or to prevent pregnancy, this will get the job done in a manner that allows you to have complete control over your fertility management.

The Lady-Comp works by accurately determining exactly when the female body is ovulating due to the body causing a slight rise in body temperature when this happens. Each morning, you’ll use your device to measure your temperature before you get up and the compact fertility computer takes this date, evaluates it and then presents you with your own individual fertility pattern to monitor. When you’re fertile, the screen will display a red light making it easy to ascertain when this is, and when you’re in your infertile phase, the computer will show a green light that lasts for 24 hours. On ‘high fertility’ days, you’ll either need to avoid having sex, or use a condom.

The Lady-Comp can be taken with you anywhere and will fit discreetly inside of your handbag, and as Europe’s most trusted natural birth control device. You may just want to invest in one.

Natural Cycles

Elina Berglund spent over a year bringing her app to the market. She was initially met with skepticism and a hostile reception from the media, but she proved them all wrong! Today, she owns the world’s first medically approved contraceptive app. Elina and her partner Raoul were both active within the researching field of physics before they decided to take their fountain of knowledge in advanced mathematics and data analysis and birth a  product that not only met their own needs, but one that would help lots of other couples worldwide.

Actually, I should clarify: the couple were aiming to have a baby, not avoid one! After having used their algorithm as a  method of contraception for some time, they placed their faith into Natural Cycles and announced on Twitter that they were using this to kick-start their own family. They fell pregnant  on the first try, but both knew that relying on the use of an  algorithm for contraception was shaky grounds for a lot of women – it was then that they decided to turn this into an accurate app; one that women from all around the world can use and access easily, no matter their lifestyle. Elina was conscious of the message she was sending, which was that women could have full control over whether, or when, they wanted to get pregnant. Choice is power, after all.

Natural Cycles works on the fact that whilst each and every cycle is different, one thing remains the same: you can only get pregnant on up to 6 days in one cycle. Natural Cycles finds those days for you, giving either a red or green day to determine whether or not you need to use protection. All you have to do is measure your temperature in the morning, relay this into the app and it will do all of the work for you. Fast, efficient, and easy to use on the go.

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  1. I have been researching for weeks into natural birth control and found Lady-Comp. I bought Lady-Comp via UK website: and must admit that Lady-Comp has been a brilliant tool for helping me to understand what is going on in my body and when. Until I started using it, everything to do with ovulation and fertility was a bit general, a hazy mystery I didn’t really understand but was too embarrassed to admit. Lady-Comp is simple to use, accurate device not only shows me when I have fertile and non-fertile days but also when I’m ovulating, which day of my cycle I’m on and what my basal body temperature is. I’ve had a much better relationship with my body since I’ve been using it as I now notice my physical and emotional symptoms have patterns which are predicted and displayed by this device. This product is a definite MUST if you are looking to come off invasive / hormone-altering methods of contraception and try something more natural. Lady-Comp is accurate and easy to use without having to worry about nasty hormonal side effects longer I use Lady-Comp the more in tune I am with my own body rhythms. It has been and continues to be a great help and I would wholeheartedly recommend it. Thank you.

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