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Oh la la! How to Get Luscious Lashes

By Sophia Hussain

Lust for long lush lashes? Whether you are naturally blessed with doe-eyed lashes (lucky lady), or apply a few coats of mascara daily, or quite simply you crave the allure of dramatic falsies – we definitely have an eyelash type to suit your look.

How to Get Luscious Lashes


Promote Lash Growth

So, we’re not all lucky enough to be born with lashes so long they practically fan us as we walk. What can I say? The world is a imperfect place at times and some of us just have a sad, stumpy lash game. But that can change, thank the Lord.  Papillon have crafted this vegan friendly serum that not only promotes hair growth on both our lashes and our eyebrows, but it also conditions them, too. Meaning not only will they be luscious and long, they’ll be in tip top shape at the same time thanks to the blend of nutrients.

Keep ’em Curly

A good eyelash curler is a must. Try to pick one that’s more or less aligned with the size of your eye–some are short and round whilst others are longer and straighter. You can curl before or after applying mascara, but if you do so after, be VERY gentle–sometimes the product can stick to the curler, pulling on lashes. I find that rather than giving it a long squeeze, it helps to ‘pulse’ the pressure for a few seconds. I’m currently loving the new one by H&M collections.

Tip: always ensure your curler is clean! If there are traces of mascara, it is more likely to pull on lashes. Also, despite what some may say, you don’t need to get a ‘heated’ curler–any heat that would actually set your lashes would also be hot enough to harm them.


Basic Black

More than product, a good lash look is all about the brush. A full thick lash brush adds fabulous volume to eyelashes, while a thin tapered brush is designed for adding beautiful length, and  Lavera Naturkosmetik makes both! Their  Double Black Mascara has dual-ended wands to add either volume, length. Containing organic beeswax and natural essential oils for a rich black finish. both!  After curling, add lash volume with this brilliant formula containing volcanic ash for the deepest dark hue.



Want more dramatic lashes? WUNDER2 have released a lash lengthening mascara that adds tiny 3D lash extensions to build natural looking false lashes. WUNDEREXTENSIONS Lash Extensions & Volumizing Mascara combines two formulas blended in the same tube. The ‘blue’ formula nourishes and hydrates the lashes making them thicker, and prepped ready for the ‘black’ formula which attaches the lash extensions and builds more volume. The end result is lashes that look natural and yet voluptuous!


Colourful Hues

Wearing mascara in vibrant hues enhances your natural eye colour, especially when applied to the lash tips – or, if you’re feeling very bold on a night out, coat the entire lash for a daring look.


Wondering which colour to choose, exactly? Enhance brown eyes with purple mascara called Aubergine by Dr. Hauschka. This Volume Mascara also contains candelilla wax for soft eyelashes to the touch. Green eyes also suit this shade.

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Hazel and blue eyes look stunning with blue mascara. Blue Volumizing Mascara by Nvey Eco (in a cobalt hue) can also make the whites of anyone’s eyes look brighter and whiter. This chem-free product is infused with nourishing Vitamin B5 which also contributes to natural lash growth.

For a more subdued hue, try Asphalt Jungle by ILIA Beauty in a charcoal hue with blue undertones that flatters every eye colour. This is good for a daytime look as it is a softer alternative to black, and contains nourishing organic botanicals.

Dramatic Falsies

Add high-impact drama to any chic soiree wearing false lashes that are resusable too.

Paperself, for example, lets you wear works of art on your lashes! The brand has a stunning collection of false eyelashes made using special paper and exquisite paper-cutting techniques. I love Merry Go Round, a delightful design that feels light, and perfect for creating the ultimate eye-opening statement accessory.



Love feathery fake lashes but fear they’re made of fur? Some are – but that may be ok! Lushes London’s lashes are made out of 100% natural Siberian mink fur, which has been gently brushed from live minks or collected from zoos during the shedding season and thoroughly sterilised. Their products are hypoallergenic and free from chemical processing and dyes. The great thing about mink is that it feels lightweight and featherlike which provides the natural yet spectacular high-drama appearance you desire.


Don’t want to risk it?  Helen Dowsley has created a line of ethically-sourced lashes, handmade by a local manufacturer in South East Asia. The aptly named Beautiful eyelash set thickens the lash line and adds volume. Made of synthetic fibres, each lash pair comes with an adhesive that is safe for sensitive eyes.


But there are other eco-friendly falsie brands too: housed in an eco-friendly compact that can be refilled with any lash pair, the Winks by Georgie faux lash collection dares to enhance your favourite mascara look magnified by 10. Each pair comes with a clear organic botanically-infused,non-toxic lash adhesive that is vegan-friendly too.

Natural Growth Boost

We’ve just discovered something rather miraculous: Wink Natural Lash Serum.

You’ve heard about Larisse, which does indeed promote lash growth, right? Well, Wink does the same thing, but without the harsh chemicals that can actually turn irises different colours! Wink relies on natural oils to boost lash growth naturally, and contains absolutely nothing artificial.


The product not only helps lashes grow, but clinical tests have also proven it can help eyebrows grow back too. And as an added bonus this month, for every tube bought, the brand will donate one tube to a cancer survivor, allowing them to overcome the hair-dropping effects of chemotherapy.

Imagine how luscious your lashes would look after using Wink, some light falsies, all topped off with a few lashings of mascara… oh la la indeed!


Give ‘Em A Flick

A classic eye look I adore is the feline flick. From Audrey Hepburn to Linda Evangelista, the cat eye has been a head turner for decades. Of course, the main way to get this look is with a great liquid liner, but I have a secret tip to share: the corner curler! They may not be easy to find, but they are easy to use: just direct them to the outer third of your lashes, press down gently on a slightly outward angle, and set the look with mascara. Get your pair of corner curlers  here.


Sophia Hussain

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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