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Eco Nail Polish Shades for the Holidays

 By Jenna Catherine

When you’re opening Christmas presents, holding a glass of bubbly at the office fete or grasping a clutch whilst celebrating New Year’s Eve at the most decadent bars in the city, you know your nails will be on display. They’re essentially an accessory for your holiday outfit, and should be ‘dressed’ accordingly.

While summer skin demands corals, pinks and primaries in terms of nail colours, winter requires something a bit sultrier: deep berry shades, sparkly rock hues and flashy metallics – all of which are perfect matches for a festive LBD.

Of course, you should only use eco nail polish or what is now called ‘5 free’ polish – that is to say, nail varnishes that don’t contain the five most harmful chemicals that can hurt your health if you breathe in the fumes or if they penetrate through the pores of your nails.

Here, I’ve not only made video to show you how to get a perfect home manicure, but I’ve also compiled what I think are the 10 best nail polish shades for the holidays that will make you feel just that wee bit prettier, no matter where you are or what you’re wearing.

1. Treat Collection ‘Shimmery Stars’

Why does it seem on cold nights, you can see the stars even more clearly? This midnight blue from Treat Collection reminds us of the sky you see when you look up before entering a relative’s home for a warming holiday dinner. Mysterious and beautiful.


2. Priti NYC Lambstail Cactus 

We think this polish rocks – in fact, it looks like high quality, glossy granite! This shade of silver flecked brownish grey is nothing but stone cold cool.


3. Julep Birthstone Collection

What a great gift idea! This vegan friendly polish comes in all shades of birthstones, from Ruby and Emerald to Opal and this one in Aquamarine, with its gorgeous iridescent shimmer. Breakthrough oxygen technology powers this fast-drying, long-lasting nail polish to get nails healthy and more beautiful at the same time.


4.  Treat Collection ‘Snow Drops’

Prefer a paler nail? This colour (middle) gives the sheerest wash of cream and we just love the name ‘Snow Drops.’ It can also be used over a darker shade to soften it a bit, and of course, it works perfectly on the tips of a French manicure, too.


5. Uslu Airlines + Bernhard Willhelm

German designer Bernhard Willhelm has paired up with Uslu Airlines to create a palette of unique shades we not only would love to wear with sweaters and jeans, but can somehow imagine working on a wall in a Nordic chic home. There are too many here to choose from, but for those who love to match their polish to their clothing exactly, the black, blue and grey shades are pretty much guaranteed to reflect something in your wardrobe!



6. Butter Lady Muck 5 Free Polish

Yep, grey continues to be the go-to shade for Winter, and literally goes with anything. Keep it exciting with a bit of sparkle, like the glitter infused in Lady Muck (left). Who says grey is dull?!


7. Ella + Mila Little Plum Dress

Ah, plums! They’re pretty, purple and perfect in puddings! This warm violet shade evokes traditional sticky Christmas desserts. And the best part? All of Ella +Mila’s nail polishes are so non-toxic that they’re the perfect choice for dolling up not only your nails for the festive season, but for your little one’s, too.


8. Zoya Veruschka Matte Velvet

Dark green mimics beautiful evergreen Christmas trees, and the matte texture matches one of winter’s biggest trends: velvet.

9. Trust Fund Beauty ‘Just Talk to My Lawyer’

Oh, what beauty!  This vampy shade looks a bit like crushed rubies, and its rich red hue enhances the paleness of our skin this time of year. It somehow infuses you with a feminine power just by wearing this: the ‘Trust Fund’ brand and cheeky name seem very apt indeed!



10. Ella + Mila Bite Me

Another one from Ella + Mila, but this one is more grown-up! Make your nails sleek and sexy this year. Whilst black can be a little too Gothic for the holidays, darker nails are still a super chic way to jazz up your Christmas ensemble. Tip: Layer with additional coats to make it even darker.


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