Top 5 Bridal Beauty Tips from Lisa Sim

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By Sophia Hussain

How does a blushing bride look flawless on her wedding day without committing a major beauty faux pas? By using a natural cosmetics line created by an in-demand makeup artist of course!

Montreal beauty Lisa Sim, founder of SIM Minerals, really knows beauty.  Lisa also hosts the fashion and beauty segments of and she produces video makeup tutorials too.

SIM Minerals are pure pigment cosmetics that provide adaptable high-definition coverage that is both sun- and water-resistant. The line of blushes, eyeshadows, and foundations contain nourishing ingredients including vitamins A and E, green tea, horseradish extracts, apple extracts, and natural aromatherapy.  SIM Minerals is also free from parabens, dyes, talc, synthetics, and is not tested on animals.

In an Eluxe exclusive, the lovely Lisa shares her top five bridal beauty tips to help blushing brides looking beautiful from “I do” to the final bouquet toss.


What is your preferred look for brides?

My philosophy when it comes to bridal makeup is that it should look like you, but the best you have ever been!   I personally really like classic looks or glamorous, but natural looks that stick to neutral and earth tones. I often play up the eyes with beautiful eyebrows and a few extra lashes and keep the lips fresh and neutral because there’s nothing worse than having to constantly re-apply lip colour or avoid kissing people.

Which facial feature should a bride accentuate?

I always say that if the eyes are the windows to the soul, your eyebrows are the window dressing!   Have your brows properly shaped a couple of days before “the big day” to enhance the shape of your eye.   It makes everything look brighter, lifted and more polished.   There really is nothing sexier than a high brow arch in my opinion.

Use a taupe shade to fill in sparse areas of the brow to create a “shadow” effect versus filling them in too dark, which can sometimes look too severe.   The two shades in the SIM Minerals line that I recommend either alone or together are Flax and Brown Derby, and almost everyone can use these shades.   Flax is great for all over the brow but the Brown Derby can be used in areas where there really is no hair or to accentuate the arch and tail of the brow.

Model: Fafa Khan–IG: @fafakhan

What is the worst bridal beauty faux pas?

There is nothing worse than seeing a ton of makeup on the skin, especially after a long day of hugging and kissing your wedding guests and new husband.   I know brides want every imperfection to be concealed, but having too much makeup on can draw a different kind of unwanted attention.

Often conventional liquid foundation and concealer can migrate into fine lines and eventually wear off.  I highly recommend using SIM Minerals Loose Mineral Foundation.   I swear they are the best for long days and even longer nights!   Not only that, they look great in every lighting condition; from sunny outdoors to candle-lit rooms.   The secret is the no talc formulation.

All you get is pure pigment that conceals imperfections without adding layers to your skin.   Another benefit is the optical diffusers.   Light reflects off the skin and the beams are refracted, giving the skin a soft dewy appearance and diffusing the look of fine lines.   The best part of all is that the minerals are highly water resistant, which is perfect during teary-eyed “I do’s” and no streaking!


How do you create the coveted “blushing bride” look?

To get the “blushing bride” look, I use SIM Minerals Terracotta blush.   It’s perfect for applying to the apples of the cheeks for a very soft and fresh look.   It makes every bride look happy, in my opinion.   It’s a real universal shade that’s a bit on the peachy side but still very neutral.   Brides look really healthy and they have a naturally flushed appearance.   For girls with narrow faces, applying blush to the apples of the cheeks is perfect for creating width to the face.

Another bonus with this colour is that it looks great on the lips and eyes as well, so creating a monochromatic look is pretty and easy!   For the eyes, use it just above the crease and on the lips apply it dry and sweep on a layer on lip balm or clear gloss.   Voilà , you have a full harmonious makeup design for brides who don’t want to look like they have on too much makeup, or mismatched colours.


Which cosmetics are best for taking perfect wedding photographs?

Whether it’s a summer or winter wedding no one wants to look washed out, but it’s important not to look overly tanned either, especially in black and white photos since skin can come out looking like a dark shade of grey.   I often go over the whole face with my Naturally Sun-Tan Bronzing Powder.   It’s amazing for even the fairest skin because it’s not shiny nor does it make you look orange.   It can also double up as a contour colour in a pinch.

I’m not a big fan of shiny bridal makeup, because often in photos with flash, it comes out looking very white.   It looks a bit over the top for wedding makeup and is probably better for the nightclub.   With all the excitement and nerves, brides often have quite a natural glow going on any ways, so only a bit of highlighter on the top of the cheekbones, inner corners of the eyes or under the arch of the brow should suffice. And it must be a soft and highly refined highlighter, nothing too sparkly with big chunky pieces of glitter.  I have a cult following for my Glow Mineral Highlighter.   It can be used in all those key areas, and is also perfect as a light base shade for the entire eyelid before applying other eye shadows.

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Sophia Hussain
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