15 Of The Best Clean Beauty Gift Sets for Christmas

Our selection of the best clean beauty gift sets for Christmas is perfect for everyone on your list!

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Gift giving can be tough. Iit seems that sometimes, no matter how hard we try, it’s really hard to buy the perfect gift. So – how can we get it right?

First of all, and most obviously, give what you think the recipient would like to receive – something that smells nice, feels good, or is useful.

Secondly, don’t go too crazy on the fanciness. Giving a skin cream is one thing; giving a gift certificate for a five star salon that’s on the other side of town and only has availability Monday mornings until 1.30 becomes a chore for the recipient.

Finally, don’t be afraid to repeat gift themes: if you’ve got a circle of five friends to buy for, it’s fine to get them all luxurious scarves, movie tickets, or beauty products.

Clean Beauty Gift Sets for Christmas (or any other occasion) are, in my experience, always a winner. They tick a lot of boxes: they’re useful, aromatic, are perfect for people of all ages and genders, and are beautifully packaged, too.

Here, I’ve tried to make your Christmas shopping that little bit easier by suggesting some such indulgent clean beauty gift sets that anyone -including you- would be happy to receive.

15 Of The Best Clean Beauty Gift Sets for Christmas

1. Birchbox Subscription

Birchbox is an online store that offers lifestyle and beauty products each month. They do an amazing monthly vegan and/or clean beauty subscription box, including 4-5 products ($45-$64 value), which are selected based on your beauty needs and preferences. Each box comes with an information card about the products inside it, along with the prices of the full-size products.

Best for: Picky people Price: From $45


2. Kora Organics Get The Glow Set

Devoted fans of Miranda Kerr’s clean beauty brand, KORA Organics, will love this ‘Get the Noni Glow’ set.

Formulated with natural and certified organic ingredients, this set includes everything you might need to revitalize dull, tired-looking skin. Specifically, there’s a ‘Brightening & Exfoliating Mask,’ which promises to penetrate the skin’s surface to remove sebum and unclog pores; a ‘Noni Glow Face Oil,’ which is formulated with Rosehip, Pomegranate and Sea Buckthorn Oils to hydrate the skin and soften the visible effects of sun damage, and a ‘Noni Radiant Eye Oil’ rich in Marine Bamboo and Noni Fruit extracts reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark undereye circles.

Perfect for: Your mom  Price: $54

3. Goop Discovery Set

If you want to give a Hollywood touch to your Yuletide gift, choose the Goop Discovery Set. This clean brand, which  was created by actress Gwyneth Paltrow, is as gentle and wholesome as she is. Regular use of this Revitalizing Moisturizer, Enriching Face Oil, Replenishing Night Cream and Exfoliating Instant Facial will no doubt provide clearer, firmer skin worth of the walk of fame!

Perfect for: The younger skincare-and-celeb obsessed person in your life Price: $125

4. Grown Alchemist Discovery Set

As the name hints, this is serious clean skincare for grownups. If you have a friend who is frequently away or who is planning a trip, this perfectly sized travel kit contains everything a globetrotter needs after long-haul flights — such as a soothing hand cream, deep cleaning facial cleanser. Plus, there’s enough shampoo, body wash and conditioner to last most people for a two week journey away from home.

Perfect for: Your boss or colleague who’s always on a business trip Price: $102

5. Aromatherapy Associates Serene Sleep Collection

Aromatherapy Associates curated this beautifully packaged ‘Serene Sleep’ collection to acknowledging the importance of rest as an essential part of your overall wellbeing. Each deliciously-scented formula is infused with soothing essential oils, including Chamomile, Sandalwood and Vetiver, which were all carefully selected to naturally relax and calm the senses.

Perfect for: Stressed out, hard workers; new parents Price: $61

6. Kjaer Weis Essential Trio

All any woman needs to be gorgeous is season is a great eye shadow, lip tint and cream blush – and all are provided in this ‘Essential Trio’ set by clean beauty brand creator and makeup artist Kjaer Weis. The shadow in Divine, lip tint in Goddess and creamy blusher in Embrace are all certified organic and come housed in the label’s sleek, weighty and refillable compacts.

Perfect for: Making a big impression on the beauty enthusiast in your life  Price: $130

7. Bamford Baby Collection Kit

This sweet baby collection by British brand Bamford is formulated using the purest organic ingredients, and is designed to take care of the most precious and vulnerable skins. It includes four products for all the aspects of a baby’s bathing routine – the pebble soap and hair and body wash will gently cleanse, while the silky powder and nourishing balm soothe and protect new skins. And that little cloth elephant is so soft and adorable!

Perfect for: New parents and their babes  Price: $125

8. Ren Clean Skincare Radiance Set

Stuck for ideas for someone who you just discovered has bought a gift for you? Feel put on the spot to give something back? If you have Ren Clean Skincare’s Radiance Set on hand, there’s no problem – it’s perfect for virtually anyone! It includes non-toxic, best-selling and award-winning products that work to revitalise any kind of skin with glowing results. As an added bonus, this collection makes the perfect gift for voyagers, since all the products come in travel-friendly sizes.

Perfect for: Your neighbour  Price: $40

9. Tan Luxe Set

Got a friend who always complains s/he is the ‘whitest person on the planet’? Know anyone about to go on holiday? This tailor-made Tan Luxe kit provides glowing bronzed complexion in the darkest of winters, without the risk of sun damage. A Tan Luxe sun-kissed look is not only charming, but is good for the skin as well, thanks to the presence of natural oils and other moisturisers in these products.

Perfect for: That friend who’s about to go on holiday and still feels a bit pasty  Price: $60

10. AESOP Shaving Duet

Every guy who doesn’t sport a huge, fluffy beard needs some shaving products. And Aesop’s ‘Moroccan Neroli’ duo is always a welcome gift! It contains post-shave soothing balm and an emollient serum to keep any man’s skin in condition, no matter what their age or skin type.

Best for: Your dad  Price: $80

11. Le Labo Discovery Perfume Set

Need to buy a gift for someone whose tastes you don’t really know? This perfume discovery set has a fragrance for all tastes, which means it’s guaranteed to be a hit! It contains woody Santal 33, lightly floral Rose 31, citrusy Bergamote 22, spicy The Noir 29 and AnOther 13 – one of their best selling, unisex fragrances that boasts moss, jasmine and ambrette seeds.

Perfect for: Your boyfriend’s mom Price: $30

12. Bolin Webb Shaving Kit

Send your man the message that you never want to see him using a disposable plastic razor again by gifting him this stunning Bolin Webb Razor! It is ergonomically designed for superior handling and a perfectly balanced feel, and it comes with a fancy and sleek ‘Gravity’ stand that has a satin top and gripped base to anchor it in place. It’s also equipped with a Gilette Mach3 blade that can easily be replaced when dull.

Perfect for: Your boyfriend or husband Price: $130

13. Buly 1803 Candle

Buly 1803’s luxurious candles are a tribute to Mother Nature, since they’re created using only plant-based ingredients and their wicks are cut from pure cotton and burn steadily. We love their fragrances, such as this one below, Sumi Hinoki, which is a unisex-friendly blend of Cypress and Juniper Berry Essence that fades to Hinoki Burnt Wood, Cedar and Incense. Plus their marble enclosures are a beautiful addition to any home.

Best for: Your roommate – you get to enjoy it, too!  Price: $160


14. Aerin Raffia Beauty Bag

Aerin’s raffia pouch brings a light touch of timeless handicraft thanks to its lightweight, natural material. It’s the perfect gift for the girl in your life: she can store everything in this from toys to trinkets, and it makes a wonderful first ‘handbag’ for a younger woman, or a makeup kit bag for a more mature one.

Best for: Your niece. Stuff with with some makeup you know she’ll love! Price: $60

15. AESOP Athlete’s Grooming Kit

If you are wondering what to gift to a particularly athletic man, Aesop’s Grooming Kit is the perfect present. It is compiled exclusively for Mr Porter with three locker-room essentials: a body cleanser, shampoo and hydrator. The kit comes in a durable, reusable case that will easily withstand getting knocked around in the gym bag.

Best for: Your sporty brother Price: $120



Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi
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  1. Just a good one especially for its versatility, can be for man or woman, young or old (so great secret Santa or grab bag gift!) is a travel set or gift set from Yu-Be Skin Care. I’ve found their line to be much more effective than something the more frou-frou products so the fact they make sets is great around the holidays.

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