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The Best Clean Beauty Gift Sets for Christmas 2021

Our selection of the best clean beauty gift sets for Christmas is perfect for everyone on your list!

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Gift giving can be tough. It seems that sometimes, no matter how hard we try, it’s really hard to buy the perfect gift. So – how can we get it right?

First of all, and most obviously, give what you think the recipient would like to receive – something that smells nice, feels good, or is useful.

Secondly, don’t go too crazy on the fanciness. Giving a skin cream is one thing; giving a gift certificate for a five star salon that’s on the other side of town and only has availability Monday mornings until 1.30 becomes a chore for the recipient.

Finally, don’t be afraid to repeat gift themes! If you’ve got a circle of five friends to buy for, it’s fine to get them all luxurious scarves, movie tickets, or beauty products.

Clean Beauty Gift Sets for Christmas (or any other occasion) are, in my experience, always a winner. They tick a lot of boxes: they’re useful, aromatic, are perfect for people of all ages and genders, and are beautifully packaged, too.

Here, I’ve tried to make your Christmas shopping that little bit easier by suggesting some such indulgent clean beauty gift sets that anyone -including you- would be happy to receive.

The Best Clean Beauty Gift Sets For 2021

1. A Birchbox Subscription

Birchbox is an online store that offers lifestyle and beauty products each month. They do an amazing monthly vegan and/or clean beauty subscription box, including 4-5 products ($45-$64 value), which are selected based on your specific beauty needs and preferences. In other words, you can create your own clean beauty gift sets, based on whatever your recipient likes most.

Each box comes with an information card about the products inside it, along with the prices of the full-size products.

Best for: People who are picky about what’s in their clean beauty gift sets!

Price: From $45

2. Farmacy Clean Greens Duo

Protecting the skin from an early age is something many of us fail to do. It’s often not until we see signs of ageing that we adopt a skincare routine. But this kit is one of the best clean beauty gift sets for teaching teens to care for their skin early on.

This Clean Greens Duo by Farmacy helps minimise the likelihood of blemishes with two key products. Whipped Greens cleans, while Deep Sweep tones.

The clean and sustainable brand is free from parabens, sulphates, SLS/SLES, phthalates, mineral oils and formaldehyde. Best suited to combination, oily and acne-prone skin types.

Perfect for: Your niece or teenaged daughter

Price: $28

farmacy clean greens

3. EcoTools Daily Essentials Interchangeable Kit

While makeup can be a very personal choice, and hence isn’t easy to gift, the opposite is true for makeup brushes. And EcoTools makes some of the best sustainable, vegan brushes around!

The brand has released their Daily Essentials Interchangeable Kit, which contains everything you need to complete the perfect makeup look. The brushes come with 4 interchangeable heads so you can swap them over when needed. Ideal for saving space in your make-up bag and for carrying on the go!

Perfect for: The makeup loving person in your life, stocking stuffers

Price: At just $18, this is one of the best clean beauty gift sets for those on a budget!

best clean beauty gift sets

4. Grown Alchemist Travel Kit

As the name hints, this is one of the best clean beauty gift sets for grownups. If you have a friend who is frequently away or who is planning a trip, this perfectly sized travel kit contains everything a globetrotter needs after long-haul flights — such as a soothing hand cream, deep cleaning facial cleanser. Plus, there’s enough shampoo, body wash and conditioner to last most people for a two week journey away from home.

Perfect for: Your boss or colleague who’s always on a business trip

Price: $102

best clean beauty gift sets


5. Aromatherapy Associates Ultimate Moment of Sleep

Aromatherapy Associates curated this beautifully packaged ‘Ultimate Moment of Sleep’ collection to acknowledge the importance of rest as an essential part of your overall well-being. The luxurious collection contains everything needed to create a peaceful atmosphere: a calming bath and shower oil, sleep mist, deluxe miniature body butter and a luxurious velvet eye mask

Each deliciously-scented formula is infused with soothing essential oils, including chamomile, sandalwood and vetiver, which were all carefully selected to naturally relax and calm the senses. Definitely one of the best clean beauty gift sets for anyone who needs a good night’s sleep. Which is…everyone!

Perfect for: Stressed out, hard workers; new parents

Price: Around $100

6. Ren Holiday Face Favourites

Stuck for ideas for clean beauty gift sets for someone you just discovered has bought a gift for you? Feel put on the spot to give something back? If you have Ren Clean Skincare’s Holiday Face Favourites on hand, there’s no problem. It’s perfect for virtually anyone! It includes non-toxic, best-selling and award-winning products that work to revitalise any kind of skin with glowing results.

As an added bonus, this collection makes the perfect gift for voyagers, since all the products come in travel-friendly sizes.

Perfect for: Your neighbour, your friend who loves travelling  Price: At $40, this is one of the most affordable clean beauty gift sets!

ren skin care set

7. Honest Beauty Dew Wonders Set

Have you ever wondered how the beauty that is Jessica Alba maintains her gorgeous complexion? Well, now you needn’t wonder any more! Her brand Honest Beauty has created one of the most stunning clean beauty gift sets ever! It was carefully curated with clean beauty must-haves. Treat your friends (or yourself) to the gift of radiant skin with the perfect routine to get them glowing in the morning.

Bonus: the set comes with a super chic headband. It’s perfect for using when you do your skincare regime in the morning and evening.

Perfect for: Those obsessed with skincare – and Jessica Alba fans, of course!

Price: $75

honest beauty skin care set

8. AESOP Shaving Duet

Every guy who doesn’t sport a huge, fluffy beard needs some shaving products. And Aesop’s ‘Moroccan Neroli’ duo is one of the best clean beauty gift sets for men! It contains post-shave soothing balm and an emollient serum to keep any man’s skin in condition, no matter what their age or skin type.

Best for: Your dad or father in law

Price: $80


best clean beauty gift sets

9. Drunk Elephant The Littles Set

Drunk Elephant has gained huge popularity across social media. And if you’re new to the brand, you’ll be happy to know The Littles Hair + Body 2.0 is the perfect gift set. It’s made up of a collection of sample-sized hair care products that will leave the tresses and scalp nourished and protected. But that’s not all! There’s also a trio of body products to help cleanse, moisturise and balance all skin types.

Perfect for: Your friend who loves experimenting with new beauty products

Price: $49

drunk elephant the littles

10. GLOSSYBOX Limited Edition Grooming Kit

When the holidays arrive, we women tend to fill our calendar with appointments to help us look and feel our best. Well, why can’t men do the same? This box has been specifically created for men to look and feel their best this holiday season – and beyond!

Filled with everything from post-shaving skincare to clean fragrances, this is a box your guy will truly thank you for buying. Not to mention the full-size Regeneration Elixir is worth $34 alone!

Best for: Helping your guy look and feel his best!

Price: $35

glossybox gift set

11. AESOP Athlete’s Grooming Kit

If you’re wondering which clean beauty gift sets are best for particularly athletic men, Aesop’s Grooming Kit is perfect. It was compiled exclusively for Mr Porter with three locker-room essentials. These are: a body cleanser, shampoo and hydrator. The kit comes in a durable, reusable case that will easily withstand getting knocked around in the gym bag.

Best for: Your sporty brother or boyfriend

Price: $120

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  1. Just a good one especially for its versatility, can be for man or woman, young or old (so great secret Santa or grab bag gift!) is a travel set or gift set from Yu-Be Skin Care. I’ve found their line to be much more effective than something the more frou-frou products so the fact they make sets is great around the holidays.

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