5 Fun Seduction Tips Using Spirituality

Seduction Tips Using Spirituality

By Diane Small

There can be little doubt that there’s been a shift towards spirituality recently: healing crystals are rising in popularity, thousands of people from around the world flock to Peru and Ecuador to partake in ayahuasca ceremonies, and meditation is now a definite ‘thing’ – from offices to kindergartens. So no wonder many are turning to spirituality in the seduction process. But..,.can this actually work?

To find out, I interviewed Santaria priestess and Shamballa energy healer Miss Pravala for her advice. Perhaps unsurprisingly, she’s quite sure that in the seduction process, spirituality can indeed be used to increase success and allure. “There are a number of ways to increase attraction levels without compromising on any personal values,” she says. 

Whilst none of these methods are actually provable, and for many, they may reek of ‘hocus pocus,’ if you’re crushing hard on someone who seems indifferent to you, these 5 fun seduction tips using spirituality may well be worth a shot!

Seduction Tips Using Spirituality

1. Use Scented Potions

“The most obvious way to use spirituality in the seduction process is with amulets, dresses, and fragrances. Each of these is a whole topic in themselves to be discussed. But suffice it to say that there are certain gemstones, amulets, symbols, and essential oils that are orientated towards generating a positive relationship between two people,” says Miss Pravala. She herself creates oil based aphrodisiac perfumes that are designed specifically to attract men. 

To imitate her potions, equal parts of rose, black pepper, and musk oils in a small vile. Roses are a symbol of love, beauty, and elegance; this smell has awakens our senses with a burst of lush florals which intensifies with an explosion of spice from the pepper. Black pepper and other spicy herbs are known for their ability to accelerate the heart rate and create excitement. The mixture is topped off with a bit of musk, an animal pheromone that used to be collected from glandular secretions. Today, it is created synthetically and is vegan friendly.

Dab your lustcraft potion behind your ears, your wrists and your clavicle/chest region and get ready to really attract some attention!

Seduction Tips Using Spirituality

2. Try Crystals

More and more people are turning to the power of healing crystals to help them in various aspects of their lives – including in love. But which ones work for romance?

Rose Quartz is a no brainer, because it is the love stone if there ever was one. Not only does it work to help bring some self-love to your heart, it also touts a lot of properties that put you in a more receptive state to receive love. Keep Rose Quartz in a prominent place in your bedroom to help activate romantic luck.

Garnet is another stone to use. It’s supercharged with passion and desire, and is a great choice for those who are in relationships, but feel the flame of passion is now a cool ember. Garnet can be a potent sex stone, helping to fan the flames of attraction. Wear it in jewelry, especially when on a date, or keep a piece in your pocket. It will you feel powerful and desirable, and this energy can radiate from you! People notice that.

Finally, Jade is a good choice to renew love, especially if it has been lost or missing for some time. It’s very dynamic, and is great for many types of romances, including new ones. If you’re in the early stages of a new relationship, Jade offers strength throughout the courtship, promoting trust. It brings luck and ensures you’re treated in the way you deserve.

Seduction Tips Using Spirituality


3. Use The Law of Attraction

By now, most people know what the law of attraction is, since it was popularized in the 2006 film “The Secret” by Esther and Gerry Hicks. The premise is very simple – we attract everything that we want into our lives, whether we know it or not. To be happier, all we have to do is, first, establish what it is that we really want. And then, focus on tuning into the vibration of what we want.

According to Miss Pravala, “we simply have to change our vibration to match our ideal partner. We cannot focus on the “not having” of a partner, but instead must focus on the reality of having that partner right now. This tunes us into the reality we want to have.”

Sounds simple, but the caveat? This takes a lot of time, focus and attention. Many people criticize the law of attraction as being ineffective, and nothing more than an extension of the positive psychology movement – but others swear by it and insist it works. There’s really nothing to lose!  

Seduction Tips Using Spirituality

4. Think About Astrology

“Astrology is the high art of divination where the positioning of the planets is used to deduce the personality of an individual. If you know the exact birthdate of somebody, then you can go a long way toward knowing who they really are at the deepest level.  Even if you can only get a zodiac sign, it can give you some valuable information to work with,” says Miss Pravala.

For example, try cooking a homemade dinner for a Cancerian or Taurean. They will adore you since they crave emotional connections and love quiet time spent at home as opposed to clubbing. Add some scented candles and flowers to the table for the ultra sensual Taurean.

On a date with a Leo? Ask tons of questions about them, and maintain steady eye contact and focus. For Scorpios, wear something red and sexy for this sexually charged, highly confident sign. Dating a Capricorn? Dress well but conservatively. Ask him about work and his investments. Be direct, not coy. By understanding how another person operates, it will become far easier to seduce them and to create a profound connection. You can learn more about star signs and dating here.

Seduction Tips Using Spirituality

5. Show Gratitude and Appreciation

Miss Pravala advises: “Sometimes, it can be very easy to get fixated on what we want and get frustrated when it does not immediately appear. To offset this, we need to learn to live in the moment and appreciate what we have. Paradoxically, this can often result in an immediate materialization of what we truly desire.

Gratitude is a powerful practice which helps us to appreciate what we already have. As we appreciate what we have, the universe responds by blessing us with more things to appreciate. It works almost like the law of attraction in reverse: we need to learn to appreciate what we have and consciously create what we want to happen. Both of these methods, though being the opposite of one another, work equally well.”

Seduction Tips Using Spirituality

Finally, Stay Grounded

Miss Pravala’s final, but important, advice is this: “Remember that you still need to take direct action in order to seduce somebody. This might entail setting up a Tinder profile or inviting somebody for a coffee. Above all, eliminate any resistance you may have to a potential match: the universe can provide you with the perfect mate, but if you have inner resistance to that person, or genuinely doubt you are worthy of their affections, your love match will not manifest.

Spirit can bring you the perfect match – but your compatibility may not be apparent at first glance. Be patient. Be aware. And above all, love yourself and know that you are worthy of love!”

Seduction Tips Using Spirituality

Images 2-3: Miss Pravala. For more information, please click here.

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