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Vintage Lovers: How to Spot a Fake Vuitton Bag

By Lottie Newman

We think hunting for vintage can be one of the most eco-friendly ways of shopping: no new materials are used to make the product, and after passing several years in the same country, you could even say your purchase was ‘locally sourced’. But with some brands, there are a lot of fakes masquerading as the real McCoy.

The good news is, this is less the case for vintage, as counterfeiting is a relatively new phenomena, so rest assured that vintage bags from the internet are far more likely to be real than ‘new’, ‘bargain’ buys!

Still, if you’re dropping hundreds, if not thousands, on a vintage bag, it’s best to rest easy, knowing it’s worth the money you’re paying. Here, Winnie McGee, founder of Heirloom Vintage, explains exactly how to spot a fake Vuitton bag.

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