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Winding road through Denali National Park, Alaska, in autumn
Adventure Travel

Fur Real: Hunting For Bears In Alaska

By Justin Wateridge The float plane roars and Keller eases back on the throttle. The immensity of the scenery below unfolds. Primordial nature. Wilderness. Muted hues. We are flying over Kodiak Island, Alaska’s emerald isle. The name conjures up images…

Cape Town Cycle Tour 2016
Adventure Travel

A Lekker Ride: Cape Town Cycle Tour

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi Are you ready for adventure? Want to see one of Africa’s most beautiful cities, whilst improving your fitness? Looking for a ‘lekker’ (local slang for ‘great’) experience? Then the Cape Town Cycle Tour may be for…

Adventure Travel

Our Top 10 Farm to Table Hotels

By Diane Small Thanks to globalisation, international cuisine can be found in any major city. In fact, one of the ubiquitous ‘first world problems’ we all face is: what to eat tonight? Thai, Chinese? Lebanese, Italian? Or maybe let’s…

Adventure Travel

6 Hot & Cold Eco Friendly Resorts

By Tazine Bogue Summer holidays are coming to an end for many, but for those of us who stayed behind in the city, it’s time to plan for the next big holiday period – winter! And you know what? Winter…

Adventure Travel

See the World, Save a Species: Gorilla Eco Tourism

By Mike Long From swimming with captive dolphins to riding elephants, there’s unfortunately no shortage of examples of ways that animal tourism doesn’t work. Unsuspecting, animal loving tourists are often duped into believing that engaging in bizarrely unnatural acts…

Adventure City Travel

How To Be A More Sustainable Traveler

By Frances Stacey As we have become more eco-conscious as a society, travelling becomes trickier. Nowadays it’s common to hop on a plane for work related obligations or to see friends or family who live abroad. But these actions come…

Corsewall - After Midnight by Iain Mathieson
Adventure Travel

Beacons of Green: 5 European Lighthouse Hotels

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi If you’re looking for a truly remote getaway, it’s hard to beat a lighthouse hotel–and as an added bonus, they’re eco-friendly too, in the sense that these buildings are kind of ‘upcycled.’ Yep, that’s right:…

Adventure Exotic holiday Travel

Walk This Way! Best Hotels for Walkers

By Christine Maul-Pfeifer While you enjoy your well-deserved summer holidays, we have already researched the best sustainable hotels for your next walking adventure in autumn. Green Pearls, a portfolio of handpicked, sustainable and unique places worldwide, have found 7 chic…

Adventure Travel

5 Surprising Health Risks of Flying

By Arwa Lodhi and Vineetha Reddy Forget plane crashes—statistically, you’re far more likely to suffer a car crash, or even win the lottery—but planes can have serious effects on your health. Sure, we all know that due to having…

Adventure Travel

Trailer Flash! Glamping Goes Retro

By Diane Small The south of France is usually associated with luxurious hotels and fine dining at Michelin starred restaurants. But for those who want to be a little closer to the splendid nature of this spectacular region, there is…