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The Dancing Vegan: Meet Agnes Muljadi

By Chere Di Boscio There’s practically no one else in the whole world that can immediately inspire a jaw dropping sense of amazement in little girls like ballerinas can (ok, maybe princesses, too). And many of us never outgrow…

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Meet Jennifer Wang, the Sustainable Siren

By Chere Di Boscio Fashion bloggers are undoubtedly a creative force, styling themselves in ways that inspire us to dress better. But quite often, they also encourage mindless consumerism by promoting clothes that reflect passing trends, but soon end…

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Meet Vegan Vlogger Kristen Leo

By Chere Di Boscio Watch out, Kardashians, carnivores, and all owners of Fast Fashion brands: Kristen Leo is on the loose! This popular ethical fashion and vegan vlogger is funny, fierce, fearless, fabulous and full of rage – which is…

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Blogger of the Week: Yarina Valverde

Economist, business consultant, and vintage fashion lover, Yarina Valverde has turned her passion for the environment into a blog for the non-average reader. Fashionhedge is a gateway to debate about what has been called “ethical fashion,” and has a particular…

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Veggie Vixens: Meet 8 Top Vegetarian Bloggers

By Heath Perch Although nearly half the American population eats at least one vegetarian meal per week, but only four percent maintains a vegetarian or vegan diet all the time. While there are benefits to eating meat on occasion, countless studies…

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Blogger of the Week: Katrine Carstens

Danish native Katrine Carstens is a writer for Sublime Magazine, and runs a blog called SusDane where she writes about the treasures of a sustainable and socially aware world. Katrine also lends her thoughts to articles in other outlets,…

Friendly Fashionist Brooke Lacey Collage
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The Friendly Fashionist: Brooke Lacey

Brooke Lacey is not only a very stylish blogger, she’s a very nice one too, so it comes as no surprise that her eco-friendly fashion blog is called the Friendly Fashionist. Brooke’s blog aims to make shopping for stylish…

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Elif Bilgin Goes Bananas

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi Turkish teen Elif Bilgin has thrilled her teachers, parents and those who care about the planet by discovering a way to make bio-plastic from an item commonly found in our waste bins: banana peels. The…

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Blogger of the Week: Ada Kallgren

We love the ETHICALSTYLEBLOG.COM. A space dedicated to the best of ethical and sustainable fashion, we feel the blog truly shares Eluxe’s dedication to ‘slow fashion.’ Founded by Ada Kallgren, who states she ‘wants to promote a more sustainable attitude to…

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Keen, Green and Just 13: Maya Shea Penn

She’s a prolific blogger, she’s got her own clothing line, and she’s given talks about sustainability. At 13, Maya Shea Penn’s CV is beyond what most 30 year olds dream they could achieve. She started her first company, Maya’s…

Brooke wearing Veryan, NearFar and Kayu Design Clutch
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Blogger of the Week: Brooke Hahn

Brooke Hahn is the Founder of The Beautiful Think – an Australian online multi-brand store for sustainable, socially responsible and stylish fashion. She started TBT to showcase stylish, sustainable labels in one, easy-to-visit place, to make buying sustainable fashion…

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Blogger of the Week: Katie Gannon

Katie Gannon is the woman behind and the green clothing label ‘Mother Maria’, which she sells on her e-commerce site, The Cotton Cloud. The blogger, designer and business woman tells Eluxe about magazines, manufacturing, and mango masks. Why…

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Eco Blogger of the Week: Yatu Hunt

By Chere Di Boscio Yatu is a communications consultant and eco style writer from Sydney. Her interest in environmental issues and fashion writing inspired her blog, Thinking Fashion. She now regularly writes for Peppermint Magazine, a US based conscious…

Thailand 2012 2 826
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Blogger of the Week: Eco Warrior Princess

Eco Warrior Princess  is the green lifestyle blog of Fashion Business graduate Jennifer Nini. Here, she tells Eluxe about why going off the grid, buying less and being nice are her priorities.  Why did you decide to have a ‘green’…

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Sass Brown: Eco Guru

Originally from London, Sass Brown established herself as a designer with her own signature collection selling in the UK and across Canada. As an academic, her area of research is in community outreach and ethical design practices in fashion…

Kasia Dietz from Poland and USA, Paris, 2011
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Blogger of the Week: Kasia Dietz

Ok, we have to admit it: Kasia Dietz is not a green blogger. She is very green, however–she founded an eponymous handbag business, which is strictly committed to sustainabilty. But because Kasia’s blog, is so romantic and offers such…

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Angela Wallace of Sasstainable

Angela Wallace is the founder and editor of, an expert voice on emerging ethical luxury. In 2013, she completed her MSc in Environmental Management at the University of London, at the Centre for Development, Environment and Policy. Her passion for the…

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FashionMeGreen’s Greta Eagan

A graduate of Sustainability and Fashion studies, Greta Eagan is a New York based blogger with a sharp eye for the uptown boho style that so defines Big Apple chic. We learned much from our first Eluxe Blogger interviewee…