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Grow Your Own Vegan Handbag! The Marvel of MuSkin

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi We’ve heard about mushroom as a shade, kind of like taupe and grey had a baby. But…as a fabric? GradoZero Espace is one of the bio-materials company behind a new textile innovation: mushroom leather, a vegetable eco-alternative…

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How To Choose The Right Champagne

By Chere Di Boscio It has long been the drink of choice for toasting and celebrations, and is practically synonymous with elegance and taste. It’s the beverage of choice for New Year’s celebrations coming up, and always makes a…

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7 Reasons To Swap To An Ethical Bank NOW

By Diane Small I know, I know – banking is one of the dullest topics in the world, right? But if you care about ethical fashion, organic food and non-toxic beauty products, you’ll seriously want to read this article.…

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Do Healing Crystals Actually Work?

By Diane Small We recently covered so-called ‘spiritual jewellery’ in Eluxe, focusing on brands that claim to infuse their work with spiritual meaning, and even spiritual energy. But it’s not just jewellers who aim to harness the power of…

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No More Excuses: How To Stop Animal Testing NOW

By Jody McCutcheon Back in the 1970s, a naive and rather irresponsible researcher, Herb Terrace, launched Project Nim, a study on teaching chimps sign language and documented it on film. But what should have been an interesting and heartwarming…

Artist illustrates modern day life and it's terrifying  Source: Steve Cutts / Via stevecutts.comenhanced-buzz-wide-30322-1440435962-9.jpg
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An Artist With An Edge: Meet Steve Cutts

By Chere Di Boscio Once upon a time, brilliant British artist Steve Cutts used to work at an advertising agency with global corporate clients including Coca Cola, Google, Reebok, Virgin, Toyota and more. One day, he decided that using his creative talents…

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Why Topshop Is Unethical Fashion At Its Worst

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi If you live in the UK, stores like Topshop, Topman, Miss Selfridge, Burton, Evans, Dorothy Perkins and Wallis dominate the high street, and these are spreading. New York has a huge Topshop flagship, and Topman isn’t far behind.…

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10 Films About Animals That Will Make You Go Vegan

By Jody McCutcheon When you compare early human civilizations with what we have now, in terms of social, moral and technological advancements, it’s difficult not to be impressed. We discovered fire and the wheel. We built space-exploring crafts, thousand-foot-tall…

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How Healthy Are Vegan Burgers and Meats?

By Diane Small It’s official: plant based diets are a huge trend, with 12% of the British population shunning meat and 20% of those aged between 16-24 rejecting animal flesh in their diets. That’s a great thing: vegans and vegetarians live…

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A Forest of Problems: GMO Trees Are Coming

By Dr Joseph Mercola Genetically modified organisms (GMOs), or genetically “engineered” (GE) foods, are live organisms whose genetic components have been artificially manipulated in a laboratory setting through creating unstable combinations of plant, animal, bacteria, and even viral genes…

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Badly Bred: Why Pet Stores Suck

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi There can be little doubt that most people love animals. In America alone, nearly 62 percent of Americans have a pet at home, and surely many more who don’t have pets wish they could. It shouldn’t…

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Not Cool: Kids on the Catwalk

By Jody McCutcheon Fashion Week is once again upon us, and as always, there’s been some critique about choices of models on the runway, specifically a lack of inclusion of racial minorities and heavier models. But now we can add…

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5 Steps to a Sustainable Wedding

By Ajay Kichi More often that not newlyweds will go on to start a family pretty soon after getting married. Considering that whatever you do today will impact the lives of the next generation the most, it makes sense…

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Are Humans Meant to Eat Meat?

By Jody McCutcheon In our quest for the ideal diet, many of us tend to look back at the culinary habits of our earliest ancestors. Revisiting protohumans and their preferred victuals may be a way of cutting through all…

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12 Reasons to Go Vegan NOW

By Diane Small Veganism used to be the realm of hippies and Hindus but today, it’s taking over the world. From California to Calcutta, people are shunning meat for health, environmental, economic and ethical reasons – not to mention the…