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Cleaner Than Diamonds: Sustainable Crystals

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi Despite the initiation of the Kimberley process, purchasing diamonds ethically is still extremely difficult to do, not only for the environmental issues connected to the mining process, but also because it seems that Kimberley’s transparency isn’t as…

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Killer Cool Eco Jewellery

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi They’ve always been a favourite with Goths and Rockers, but now snakes, skulls and other ‘scary’ themes in jewellery have gone mainstream. Frequently seen on the catwalks of Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen and even…

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Best Jewellery for Boho Babes

By Jasmine Hassall Combining feminine energy with the beauty of nature, Bohemian style will always be truly chic. Several characteristics drawn from different cultures–including African tribal and Nomadic Gypsy–strongly inspire this look, as does layering these accessories. Alternatively, you could…

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Plastic Fantastic: Gulnur Ozdaglar

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi   Architects are a creative bunch, used to working with myriad materials, from concrete to wood, or in Gulnur Ozdaglar’s case, discarded plastic bottles. The Turkish architect, photographer, artist and jewellery designer upcycles PET bottles–basically old…

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Armenta Jewellery: Strong Duende

By Cailyn Cox The philosophy behind Armenta jewellery is simple: helping underprivileged people through education. Hailing from a family of artists, the founder of the company, Emily Armenta was filled with passion for jewellery from a young age, but…

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Inspired by Nature: Kevia Jewellery

By Arwa Lodhi Those who know that jewellery can be both beautiful and sustainable are probably fans of Kevia Jewellery. Kevia Jeffrey-West not only creates 100% eco-friendly jewellery, but the well-known designer also implemented practices into her business that…

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People Power: Saskia Diez

By Diane Small Saskia Diez is undoubtedly a ‘people person’. The accessories designer founded her label in 2007, and based its growth very much on personal relationships, such as those between her and one of the women who produces…

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Follow Your Hisia! Hissia Ethical Jewellery

By Diane Small The term ‘hisia’ means ’emotion, feeling and passion’ in Swahili, and it is exactly these qualities that Hissia Jewellery’s founder, Beatriz Vergara, hopes to inspire through her ethical jewellery line. Produced in exotic locales including Western Africa,…

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So Cool: Soko Jewellery

By Chere Di Boscio Imagine you’re a really talented jewellery designer. People love your stuff and want to buy it, but you can’t get a bank account for people to pay you. Plus, you have no computer access, so…

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Shot through the Heart: LoveBullets

By Diane Small It all started with a wonderful fantasy. Lovebullets’ Artistic Director, Martin Jegede once wrote a story about five superheroes who could stop bullets with positivity and beauty. Rather than making it to the silver screen as…

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Branka Dancevska: Global Warning

By Daniela Milosheska Branka Dancevska is beyond question, one of the best jewellers currently working in Skopje, Macedonia. But the sculptor and art school graduate does more than just make pretty accessories: she also aims to save the Earth…

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Girl Power: Numa Accessories

By Chere di Boscio Numa is a luxury accessories brand based in Dubai whose purpose is to create beautiful items celebrating craftsmanship, while providing sustainable revenues to gifted artisans, most of whom are women. The founder, Melika Dahlouk, is proud that…

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The Story of Emi & Eve

Emi & Eve is a truly international brand, employing artisans from around the globe to provide stable work for marginalised people, including a family in Cambodia, who smelts bomb casings into beautiful symbols of friendship and peace; a group…

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Dallas Maynard: Gothic Girl

By Cailyn Cox If personal aesthetics are external representations of oneself, Dallas Maynard must be a contemporary, nature-loving Gothic Girl. Her hand-made jewellery line makes use of natural elements like bones, teeth and claws, as well as fossilised ocean…

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Clash Mode: Glamour in Waste

Upon finding old stock and rejected lenses from optical and sunglass factories, Mehdi Kasraoui saw something important: the potential to craft this ‘trash’ into high-end accessories. The first piece he ever made was a necklace, which he initially created…