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Eco Angels: Victoria’s Secret Angels go Green

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Victoria’s Secret isn’t the most eco-friendly brand, but it’s trying: after being condemned by Greenpeace for its pollutive practices, the lingerie brand has promised to  eliminate hazardous chemicals in its products, but you’ll have to wait until 2020 for that to happen.

Fortunately, some of the models that make the label so iconic are well ahead of the game.  Not only are these  women beautiful, they’re also caring and conscious. Here,  Eluxe features five of the most eco-friendly  Victoria’s Secret Angels.

Miranda Kerr

Some people say it was Miranda Kerr who first triggered Victoria’s Secret towards  “greener” pastures. The Aussie model has always been adamant in living her life in harmony with the planet, and has publicly stated she uses  eco-friendly light bulbs, rides a bike instead of driving, grows  her own vegetables and favours green clothing brands.

She also founded her own organic  skincare line called Kora, and says that her greatest beauty tips are plenty of exercise, eating organic and drinking loads of water.

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Angela Lindvall

A pioneer in the field, Angela Lindvall established herself as a ‘green’ model by getting involved in  initiatives like the Collage Foundation, which she founded in 2001. The Foundation is aimed at educating young people about eco  causes, which are close to her heart.  Her day-to-day life choices  are also as green as can be:  for two years, she and her husband William Edwards transformed their  property into a sustainable paradise, by installing a filtration system to cut back on bottled  water and equipping it with solar panels to power the yurt out back. Furthermore they  planted fruit trees and herbs for backyard-to-table meals, setting up a charging station for  their Ford C-MAX Energy hybrid.

Lindvall also grows her own produce, and is a strong supporter of eco-jewellery brand John Hardy, with whom she often collaborates.

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Gisele Bundchen  

Another model who claims to be super eco friendly is Brazilian babe  Gisele Bundchen, who has  transformed her  majestic Californian abode into an  eco-mansion. The former girlfriend of the super-eco star,  Leonardo DiCaprio,  Gisele founded the Clean Water Foundation with her father to help bring potable water to her countrymen in Brazil.

Like Miranda Kerr, Bundchen also  launched an eco-friendly skincare line–hers is called Sejaa– and for those interested in a greener lifestyle, she shares green  tips on her official site.


Coco Rocha

The Canadian-born Rocha is an habitue host of green auctions, such as Christie’s  Green Auction: Bid to Save The Earth, which raises money for green causes. She also  created a jewellery  collection with Senhoa, an organisation that helps provide services and economic  opportunities for Cambodian survivors of human trafficking. The slogan of her line is  “accessorise your conscience” and it couldn’t be more appropriate, since all the profits go  to fund the food, medicine, shelter and education of children.

In her personal life, the model is also  fond of vintage clothing and upcycling–in fact, her Hastings-on-Hudson house is almost entirely kitted out in vintage decor and second  hand purchases.

401px-Coco_Rocha_at_Louis_Vuitton 750px-Coco_Rocha_2012_Shankbone_3

Candice Swanpoel

One of the favourite  Victoria’s Secret models is also a favourite with another brand:  Bottletop. This unique  brand makes high fashion out of recylced bottle tabs, donating all  proceeds of the sales  to funding grassroots education in Africa  via  The Bottletop Foundation.

A huge fan of eco-fashion, Swanepoel also adores the handmade shell anklets made by Eluxe writer Electra Gillies. Watch out for these anklets to be THE beach trend of 2015 and beyond!




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