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Good Eggs! 21 Healthy Easter Recipes for Vegans

By Lora O’Brien

Easter is a time of renewal, rebirth and revival. Spring is around the corner, the buds are on the trees, and the daffodils are nodding their lovely yellow heads. No matter what your religious leanings, the Easter holiday is the perfect opportunity to get see family and friends and enjoy some really good food. And let’s face it – that includes some delicious chocolate. But forget all of that commercialized, sugary packaged stuff on the shelves of supermarkets – this season you can make your own!

Chocolate based yumminess is just one part of the 21 Healthy Easter Recipes I’ve dug up for you. There are also vegan friendly hot cross buns, carrot cakes, and of course, the all important Easter lunch. Let’s get hopping!

1. Vegan Creme Egg

OHMIGOD is how I feel about finding this creme egg recipe. Those delightful little ovals were the highlight of my every Easter. Back when these eggs would only be available around Easter time, I would spend my Easter feasting upon them like there would never be a return. But then they changed the recipe and they started to loose their appeal for me (way too sweet now!), and also, they’re not healthy at all! So I was thrilled to find this vegan creme egg recipe. So now I can spend my Easter chowing down on these. And, y’know, all year round!

Get the recipe here.


2. Chocolate Egg Baskets

These are not only gorgeous, but are super easy to make, too. I would highly recommend using Loving Earth or Raw Halo vegan chocolate, or if you like, the darkest darned chocolate you can find, for the anti-oxidant boost. Fill them in with number 4, Raw Mini Eggs, below, and watch faces light up as you serve these!

Get the recipe here.


3. Peanut Butter Eggs

If you’re someone that likes a little bit of a peanut butter twist to their chocolate, these gems are definitely for you. They’re a vegan take on the popular Reese’s peanut butter cups, but in little eggs instead, perfect for that peanut butter fiend during this holiday where we all like to stuff our faces and feel so guilt. Thanks, Jesus.

Get the recipe here.


4. Raw Mini Eggs

Remember those little speckled eggs you’d enjoy at Easter? Admittedly, tastier than a real egg, but not healthy if you take into account all of that sugar and milk, gross! So, why not make your own? Especially when it’s this easy. They’re raw, too, which means no baking. So even the most undomesticated of us can enjoy making a plate of these.

Get the recipe here.


5. Berry Good Eggs

First and foremost, these are adorable! They’re like something that just fell out of Willy Wonka’s workshop. Back in the days of school, over Easter we would melt chocolate, add in puffed rice or cornflakes, combine it together and scoop it out into a cake case and the end result looked like little bird nests. This is basically a healthier and fresh take on that popular recipe. This one includes melted vegan marshmallows and freeze dried raspberries. Need I say more?

Get the recipe here.


6. Chocolate Avocado Easter Egg

Before adapting to a plant based lifestyle if anyone would have mentioned avocado and chocolate in the same sentence I would have thought they were going barmy. But having tried various recipes now from smoothies, to chocolate mousse that include both avocado and cacao, I’m a steady but sure convert. So why wouldn’t an avocado be the perfect Easter egg? The ripened avocado is sliced and layered with smooth, rich and decadent chocolate and creamy almond butter. It’s finished with a dusting of cacao powder and a drizzle of melted chocolate down the side just because it looks fancy and pretty, and voila! This will definitely wow any guests you have over during Easter.

Get the recipe here.


Cookies & Treats

Chocolate might not be your kryptonite, and I feel you. It can be sickly and have you swearing to never eat it again after a little too much indulgence (or so I’ve been told! Ahem). Which is why cookies are always a great thing to make and it’s even better when they have an Easter theme to make them just that little bit more special. So for all of your cookie monsters out there – get baking in the kitchen this Easter.

7. Coconut Cookie Easter Chicks

I predict these are going to be a healthy winner this Easter. How adorable are they, seriously?! Whether you choose to get creative in the kitchen with little ones or want to make some up for an Easter morning surprise, they’re going to squeal with delight at these coconut chicks.

Get the recipe here.


8. Carrot Cake Oatmeal Biscuits

Because why should Santa get cookies and not the Easter bunny?! These are the perfect cookies to make with your little ones this Easter. And of course they had to be carrot cake, as we all know bunnies like carrots! Simple to make and finished off with a drizzling of coconut and maple syrup icing, delicious!

Get the recipe here.


9. Carrot Cake Sandwich Cookies

If I could audition for the role of the Easter bunny, than I would. Just so I could feast on cookies and delight kids with chocolates and call it my job. But I get to do the next best thing; find delicious recipes and bring it to you all. How stunning so these look?

Get the recipe here.


10. Raw Easter Cookies

The great thing about making raw foods is that they’re pretty easy to make, and most of the time the ingredients are ones we already have in our cupboards (or pantry if you’re fancy) so they’re perfect for this time of the year when we’re looking to make up some sweet treats, but are limited on time. And with three flavours, strawberry mint, berry vanilla and carrot cake, there’s a cookie for all us to enjoy.

Get the recipe here.


Hot Cross Buns & Muffins

For me, Easter is the time to feast upon hot cross buns. I only seemed right to eat them at Easter and no other time, ever. And they’ve come along way from their standard spiced currant recipe. Now there’s ginger, chocolate and even clementine buns! It’s buns galore! You can even craft that faithful hot cross bun into a muffin. What a time to be alive.

11. Banana Split Hot Cross Buns

This traditional recipe has had a little bit of an uplift with the addition of…bananas! They add a nice, sweet, gooey edge and are perfect for when eggs aren’t being used in a recipe. These would taste delicious toasted and with a little hazelnut spread.

Get the recipe here.


12. Hot Cross Buns with Lemon & Cashew Cream

Think warm buns with a gorgeous cream and a little zing of lemon, perfect. I love using lemon in my baking, it just seems to be the right thing to do. So I was pretty happy to find this healthy vegan recipe.

Get the recipe here.


13. Chocolate Cinnamon Tea Bread

This bread looks great and I think this is a fantastic recipe to re-produce over Easter. There’s something about cinnamon in baking that I just adore. This bread will not only taste festive but will go down a treat with a pot of tea and even a little coating of peanut butter.

Get the recipe here:


14. Hot Cross Bun Macarons

Macarons just ooze sophistication! And now they’re hot cross bun flavoured. These make the perfect little treat to craft up this Easter. Whether you choose to make a box for family and friends that will visit, or to just serve up as a dessert after dinner, these are going to surprise everyone with how professional they look.

Get the recipe here.


15. Vegan Breakfast Muffins

Because it’s a weird but true fact that not everyone on this planet loves the taste of a hot cross bun, I’ve included this banana bread muffin. They’re the perfect Easter breakfast that you and your family or friends can enjoy over Easter. I suggest enjoying them with a pot of tea and some peanut butter on the side for topping these muffins.

Get the recipe here.


Easter Lunch

For many of us, Easter is about spending time with our loved ones and enjoying some good food like many other holidays. But if you’re vegan you may be struck with that familiar feeling of what the heck am I going to serve?! Whether you’re catering to vegans or non-vegans, I’ve found two main recipes and some delicious sides that your family can enjoy. Being vegan doesn’t have to be restrictive. You can still enjoy the trimmings of a roast dinner, the crispy potatoes and even vegan sage stuffing! It’s all about crafting that ‘main’ dish (usually ham – ew!) and I think you’ll love these.

16. Devilish Potatoes

Remember that popular deviled egg recipe? Well, it’s basically eggs that have been stuffed. But if you’re vegan, the thought of eating real eggs over this sacred holiday is far from appetizing. So, why not make these devilish potatoes instead? The best part is they even take eggy from the use of black salt which is used in vegan cooking and is great for tofu scramble to bring that authentic taste without the dairy.

Get the recipe here.


17. Sun-Dried Tomato, Mushroom, Spinach & Tofu Quiche

Why not serve up this delicious looking quiche this Easter? Not only will it look great placed on the table, but it’s jam packed with goodness and flavour. Whether you enjoy a savory type of lunch with freshly made veggie slaw, or a spring kale salad or you serve this up with roasted potatoes in true Sunday dinner style, I predict everyone is going to enjoy having a slice.

Get the recipe here.


18. Harissa & Maple Roasted Carrots

Let’s face it, carrots don’t always have the best reputation. Some of us are scarred from when our grandmothers would serve up mushy, overcooked carrots that turned to utter mush when bitten. Well, it’s time to put your faith back into carrots by serving up this delicious recipe for Easter lunch. Not only do they look the part – aren’t rainbow carrots, like, the coolest? – but these are coasted with a mixture of harissa paste and maple syrup, so they have both a sweet and spicy vibe. Plus bunny rabbits like carrots so we kind to have to eat them in honor of the Easter bunny.

Get the recipe here.


19. Mushroom Roast

If you’re vegan, it may seem like you’re always trying to find that winning dish you can serve up right at the center of the table, and this mushroom is just the thing for your Easter feast this year. Serve it with mashed potatoes and some vegan crazy and you have both a healthy and hearty meal.

Get the recipe here.


20. Curried Butternut Soup

Soup is a pretty quick and easy recipe to create but can be surprisingly filling. And this recipe proves that soup doesn’t have to be bland and watery, but think, creamy and vibrant like this curried butternut squash soup. The garam masala is going to give this soup its curried edge, whereas the coconut milk will make it incredibly creamy. Serve this up with some delicious homemade bread.

Get the recipe here.


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